Scene Four

the tower 
ENSEMBLE remain in their semi-circular positions, but turn to face inwards again. They make the window SR again. RAPUNZEL is CS, reading a book. Or something.

NARR. 1: Okay, back to Rapunzel now.
NARR. 2: Now, here she was, in a tower with no stairs and no door.
NARR. 1: So every day, when the witch wanted to visit Rapunzel, she would stand at the bottom of the tower and shout:
WITCH: (from offstage) Rapunzel! Rapunzel, let down your golden hair!
NARR. 1: Actually, I'm sure she didn't shout that. She probably shouted something more like:
WITCH: (from offstage) Oi! Rapunzel! Chuck your hair down, will you?
NARR. 2: Yeah, that's much more realistic.
NARR. 1: Okay. So. After about nineteen years of chucking her hair down the outside of a tower every five minutes, Rapunzel started to get a little bit bored.
NARR. 2: She did a lot of daydreaming, too.
RAPUNZEL: Oh, I do wish that something would actually happen, just once. Anything. (Within reason.)
NARR. 1: And then, you know what? Something did happen.

The End

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