Scene Three

the castle
ENSEMBLE stay in their semi-circular positions but turn to face outwards instead. The window is no longer there. BLUEBEARD stands CS facing the audience.

NARR. 1: Now, there was once a very rich man who also happened to be very ugly.
NARR. 2: It's surprising how often those two go together.
NARR. 1: Quite. Well, because he was so ugly, everyone avoided him-
NARR. 2: Actually, there was another reason as well, you see-
NARR. 1: Yes yes, I was just coming to that. Well, you see, it had to do with Bluebeard's wives...

NARR. 1 goes to stand CS just behind BLUEBEARD, who turns to face SL. ANNA enters SL and stops CS, just opposite BLUEBEARD. They hold hands.

NARR. 1: (to ANNA) Do you take this man to be your awful- er, I mean lawful wedded husband?

WIVES around the circle in the ENSEMBLE quickly turn to face the audience in turn. After they've spoken, they turn back to face outwards.

WIVES: (in turn) I do.
ANNA: I do.
NARR. 1: (to ANNA) Good luck.

NARR. 1 walks back to DSR. As NARR.s 1 & 2 speak, ANNA and BLUEBEARD walk around in a slow circle.

NARR. 1: (as he walks) You see, Bluebeard had married quite a few women before, so he was a bit of a dab hand at this whole marriage lark. But it also meant that no one really trusted him. Each of his wives died shortly after their marriage, and although he said that they died in childbirth, of fever, of falling off their horse, of eating bad eels - or whatever - no one actually knew.
NARR. 2: So people sort of thought of him as a bogeyman.
NARR. 1: He was just a pretty scary guy all over, actually.
NARR. 2: Well. Anyway.
NARR. 1: Yes, where was I? Oh, yes, Bluebeard's latest wife. Anna.

BLUEBEARD and ANNA reach CS again. They immediately split and mime eating dinner at a long table. BLUEBEARD goes CSR, ANNA CSL.

NARR. 1: Good point. Okay. Anna married Bluebeard, and they were happy for a time. Anna, originally just a poor peasant girl, loved Bluebeard's beautiful chateau. But then, one night at dinner, Bluebeard said:
BLUEBEARD: I have an announcement to make. I have been called out of the country on business, and shan't be returning for a month. I leave at dawn tomorrow.
BLUEBEARD: In my absence, you are in charge of my castle. I want you to take very great care of it. (he walks over to ANNA, pulling the keys out of his pocket) Here are the keys to all the rooms in the chateau. (he hands them to ANNA) Please feel free to have a look in all of the rooms. What's mine is yours. BUT.
NARR. 1: And this was the clinch.
BLUEBEARD: (to NAAR. 1) Shut up. (to ANNA) This key opens a door that you must never enter. I want you to swear to me that you will never go in this room, whatever happens. Do I have your promise?
ANNA: Yes, you do.
BLUEBEARD: (handing her the key) Good. Now, it's late. I should go and pack.

He exits SR.

The End

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