Scene Two

the inside of the tower
ENSEMBLE move to make a semi-circle, facing inwards. There is a window SR. RAPUNZEL is CS, WITCH is brushing her hair.

NARR. 2: The witch cared for Rapunzel as if she were her own daughter.
NARR. 1: Apart from the 'locked alone in a tower with no door' part.
NARR. 2: Yeah, I forgot about that.
NARR. 1: And so the years passed, and Rapunzel grew into a beautiful young girl.
NARR. 2: With very, very long hair.
NARR. 1: Yeah, I've always wondered about that. Well, talking about hair, I think it's probably time we met the other hero of our story, don't you?
NARR. 2: What, the bearded one?
NARR. 1: Yes. Him.

The End

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