Safe from everyone's view, I leaned up against the cool rock wall. This was why I preferred keeping to myself, I didn't feel comfortable around strangers. Sometimes their eyes seemed to bore right though me, make me feel like I was defined by my disability. I'm not!! I am a person! I have thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, just like everyone else. But some people cannot see past the empty space where my arm “should” be.

I leaned back and sighed. “Really.” I reprimanded myself silently. “Why are you so riled up? You never had any chances with him in the first place. You can't let him ruin your vacation.”

“It would look awkward if I went back to where my stuff was, so I think I'll just undress here and hop in. There's a nice enough swimming hole right here.”

So I stood up and pulled off my shirt, right then, right there.

My shirt was tight and gave a good fight to get out of. As I was pulling it off my arms I glanced a pair of brown eyes, staring at me with a very strange expression.

The End

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