Blue Water

A story about an adventure in one of my favorite places :)


I sighed and leaned back into the damp shadows, enjoying the cool grey limestone on my sweaty legs. The long hike and the tough scramble up the cliff had been worth it. I pulled out my water bottle and took a quick drink. I loved hiking alone along the Bruce Trail, facing whatever challenges were in front of me. Today was just a practice run to reacquaint myself with the trail near the Grotto. Tonight I would drive up to Tobermory and tomorrow morning very early I would start on the hardest hike in the world. I had finished the challenging Marr Lake Trail in very little under an hour, a little slower than my normal pace, and now I was taking a break at Indian's Head Cove.

There were swarms of people below me in the two o'clock sun, laughing and shrieking as they jumped into the 60 degree water and then burst right out again. A little white dog ran around yipping and its owner was trying to calm it down by yelling at it. A toddler was throwing some of the round stones into the water, and his parents were laughing and encouraging him. There were  crowds of teenage girls huddled together, admiring the guys jumping off the cliff.

I had been planning to go swimming here too, you know, pop in for a second and cool myself down. (That was the trick on this hike, wear your bathing suit under your clothes so you can cool down any time.) I decided against it though, there was another swimming hole a ten minute hike from here, and it couldn't be as crowded as this one. I leaned back in my secret hiding place, a crevice nestled back in the limestone cliff, and took another swig of water.

Suddenly I heard voices, male voices,  very close to the top of the crevice. I shrunk back, out of the path, and decided to ignore them. The two guys were laughing and joking as they climbed easily down the short stretch of challenging rock face. They looked like brothers maybe, both tall and strong, one more muscular than the other. They were almost out of the crevice when one of them, the wiry one, glanced back. He had light brown hair and a hint of a goatee. He blanched and became silent. Then the other one glanced back. For a second his eyes locked with mine. Then his face relaxed and he smiled and apologized for bothering me. I smiled an “apology accepted” smile and glanced away. He had been distinctly better looking than his brother, and hadn't seemed to notice my disability. Oh well, I thought, it won't take him long if we ever meet again.

The End

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