Run AwayMature

For the next month Allison lived off of casseroles, generously donated by her neighbors proceeding Ben's funeral. She was overwhelmed by the amount of sympathy surrounding her. Everyone from Ben's coworkers, to his former classmates had expressed their grief and offered their condolences, several times over. It was hard to think, and hard to cope when everywhere she turned someone wore a look if pity for her. 

Her lease ran up, that same month. It was in a snap decision that Alli decided to move out of the apartment that she rented with Ben. With no destination, or plan in mind, she only sought someplace where she wasn't the constant source of town gossip, someplace where she wasn't surrounded by sadness and memories of Ben.

Moving day was hard; a whirlwind of emotions as she said goodbye to the memories, and sorted through Ben's things. Alli was plagued with nausea that morning, which she chalked up to stress and nerves. It wasn't until she was on the road, and hours away from a familiar face, that she had to pull over for some fresh air. It did little to settle her sour stomach, and she found herself in a repeat performance of her earlier sickness.

She washed up at a nearby gas station and picked up a ginger-ale to purchase. As she neared the counter her eyes shifted focus to a shelf of pregnancy tests. It was a slap in the face, an obvious reminder that she was in fact late. Allison was all to keen to shrug it off as a coincidence, but the young cashier followed her gaze and gave Alli a knowing smile. "There's a bathroom out  back." The perky girl affirmed. 

Alli groaned as she purchased the pregnancy test. It would be a waste of time, she told herself, but at least it would offer her peace of mind.

Three ginger ales and three pregnancy tests later, she paced the concrete floor of the dirty restroom; occasionally glancing at the tests. All three of them had read positive. Could the world really be so cruel?

Disheveled, and wrought with bitter irony, Alli made her way back to the pickup truck that held the remnants of her life. Alone, and scared with no job or destination was not how she would have ever guessed the first month of her marriage would end. Pregnancy was unfathomable. She punched the steering wheel in defeat. Every curse word she'd ever learned came sailing out of her mouth with, followed by blinding tears and heavy sobs. 

The End

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