"Allison, talk to me! Tell me what happened to my son, God damn it!"

Alli glanced up, she barely registered her Mother in Law, or the Davebport's presence in the apartment that her and Ben had once shared. Just going through the motions of a living, breathing human being was hard enough. 

Perhaps this was a nightmare, in which she would soon wake. Yes, it had to be. She could only vaguely recall leaving the hotel, and boarding the plane without Ben. It didn't feel real.

Everyone crowded her tiny apartment, her mother was even there, as well as Ben's grief stricken parents and sister. No, this wasn't right. She had to be dreaming. She wordlessly, walked back to the bedroom, ignoring the solemn guests and talk of arrangements that had to be made. 

She settled herself into bed lethargically,  and waited too wake up. She conjured thoughts of Sea Otters and promised herself that she wouldn't let Ben drift away. She imagined linking her fingers through his as she waited for the nightmare to end.

The End

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