Her lifeless, broken body lay on the warm asphalt. People crowded around her. The man behind the wheel stared out of the window in shock. The airbad had deflated. Blood flowed.
And that's all he saw.

When he opened his eyes there was a brief moment of oblivion before Ewan suddenly realised that he saw the grey roof of a ambulance. He groaned. Headache. Then panic. Wait what? Clare! He jerked upright and tried to get up, nausea hit him and crashed him to the floor. Someone opened the back door to the ambulance. Two arms helped him up and sat him on the bed.
"Sir, please stay on here," a concerned voice said.
"I.. I'm..." His hands were shaking. Then his arms. Then his torso. Then his entire body.
"You are in shock, you just have to sit it out. Can you understand me?"
"Yeah, yeah I do."
"Good. Do you know what happened?"
"What... What happened?"
"Yes, you were near the accident."
"Yes. Accident. Yes. Clare!" The images came rushing through his mind. Clare crossing the street. One car overtaking the other. Speeding.
"I'm going to get someone, you just stay here, okay?"
"Clare... where is Clare?"
"Please stay here, sir. I'll be right back.

He explained what he had seen. The policeman who listened to him seemed very concerned. Ewan didn't really feel anything anymore. It was just go-mode, just talk until they leave you alone. They left him alone for some time. Then they came back. With bad news.


The End

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