A Million PiecesMature

Alli glanced at the clock once more. Where in the hell was Ben? He wasn't answering his phone. He had been gone for two hours. She twirled the wedding band on her finger. She made herself a cup of chai tea to calm her nerves, though she continued to pace the perimeter of the hotel suite. Finally, there was a knock at the door.

Alli, sighed in relief.  She opened the door. "Did you get lost again," she teased, before registering the appearance of the person in the doorframe. It wasn't John, it was a man in a police uniform. Her heart beat grew wild. "Everything okay?" Her voice squeaked. 

The officer wore a strange expression on his face; pity and discomfort. He was holding her marriage certificate. What in the world? She had left that in the rental car. "Are you Mrs. Allison Davenport?"

Alli nodded slowly.

The police officer looked grief stricken. "I-I'm sorry ma'am there has been a car wreck. I need you to come down to the morgue with me and identify the body."

Allison blanched. Her grip on her tea cup faltered. The cup fell to the ground with a jarring crash, spraying the floor with hot tea and a million sharp pieces of ceramic glass.

The End

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