A month later.

"No, no, it's just gonna be like, two seconds!"
"Seriously? You can get coffee later, this is important."
"Two seconds!"
And Clare opened the door and stepped out of the car. She ran across the street into a tiny coffee shop hidden between an enormous, brightly coloured mall and a supermarket. Sitting in the driver's seat, Ewan could see her standing in line if he looked to his right. He watched her ponytail dance when she took two steps forward in the long line.
"Two seconds," he smirked, opening the glove compartment to find something to entertain him for a couple of minutes. He found his car insurance papers, several CDs which he never listened to anymore, an inexplicably large box of matches and a travel guide. Destination Montana. Their flight to Bozeman left in five hours. Ewan knew they had plenty of time. He just liked being safe. He was always five minutes early to an appointment, half an hour early to a flight.
He sat back in his seat and stared out the front window. A lady pushing a stroller walked past. Her son had fallen asleep. He sat open-mouthed, eyes closed, arms in is lap. His mother didn't really seem to pay attention to him. She just pushed him forward. On to his next adventure, probably. Ewan wanted a child. Just one, but it would be so nice. And although he and Clare had never really discussed it, he was pretty sure she would want a child too. He considered asking her about it during their trip. The summer had just started, they both had a couple of weeks off, they'd never been to Montana. Would they be good parents? The question scared him, and he snapped out of his gaze, as if he'd surprised himself by asking. He'd never really thought about parenting. There was just this idea of a child, and once it would be here it would be so amazing. But yeah, parenting. That's a thing.
He looked to his right again. Clare would be ordering soon. He checked his watch. So much time left. So much time.

The End

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