Last ConversationMature

A month later-

The nerves and anxiety that accompanied Allison's wedding seemed silly and futile after the fact. She had just promised herself to her best friend and the greatest love she had ever known. There should have been no reason to fret. 

After they had consummated their vows-again- Alli snuggled into Ben's  shoulder running her fingers over his bare chest. She smiled mischievously.

"Okay, Doll, you're going have to let me recharge my batteries. Give me five minutes." 
Alli sighed impatiently as Ben linked his fingers with hers. "Did you know that Sea Otters sleep like this."

"Hmm?" Alli murmured against his chest. She basked in the reality of the moment. Never had she been on such an emotional high before. But with Ben, she was truly complete. He always left her feeling loved, satisfied and  happy. He never looked down in her because of where she came from. He made her feel as if she were his equal. He cherished everything about her and was never quiet about their love, even when she was content hanging back in the shadows. He gave her confidence and respect. Two things she had always considered a luxury. And now, she would spend her whole life with the security that his love offered.

"Sea Otters," Ben's husky voice interrupted her thoughts. "They sleep holding hands, so they don't drift away from each other."

"You are full of useless facts," she teased. In truth, his intelligence and useless facts were a complete turn on. 

Allison positioned herself on top of Ben, grinding her hips seductively. She bowed her head down to his neck and began kissing and nipping and the skin there. She made her way to his collarbone and up to his ear lobe. Ben's fingers crept from her hip to the top hem of her lace panties.

Alli rolled off of him and swore, remembering their current predicament. They were in a hotel in Florida on their honeymoon, and Ben had run out of condoms, a fact that they hadn't realized until they had last made love, half an hour ago. They were too wrapped up in each other, and too far gone to stop. "Ben you have to get those condoms. I'm not having unprotected sex. Again."

"Yeah, I know, I know. You don't want kids yet. I can respect that Doll."

Allison groaned, exasperated. "Ever. I don't want kids ever. You never used to want them." She said quietly.

Ben shrugged. "I changed my mind. I know you will to." He pulled her ontop of him again. 

"No, no." She sat up and distanced herself from Ben. Ben may be confident that they were financially set, with his job at his Father's Law firm, but emotionally they weren't there. Alli wasn't sure she would ever be. "I'm not letting you touch me, until you get those."

Ben pinched her inner thigh. "Resistance is futile."

Alli crossed her arms. "You know there are other things we could do, I brought a puzzle!" She bluffed.

Ben groaned. "Okay, okay I'll get those now Doll."

Ben dressed and hurried out the door, promising that he'd be back in a ten minutes, leaving Alli to envision her life with her dorky, cowboy, Sea Otter soul mate. Already her hand felt lonely without his encompassing it .

The End

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