Allison fussed with the decorative pillows on the couch knowing Ben's parents would be there any minute. Ben had surprised her with a ring earlier that morning after they decided on a small intimate wedding in just one month. Her joy quickly diminished into fear, when Ben sprung the news of his parents arrival into town on her. This would be her last chance to impress them and prove that she was good enough for their son.

Ben came from money and class, two things Alli had never known growing up. Though Ben was down to earth and approachable, his parents were another story. They were frigid and reserved. Any time Allison was in the same room as them, she tensed and sat a little straighter.

It was no secret Ben's mother had paraded him around all her friend's debutant daughters, when he was growing up. She had hoped to find him a " suitable" match. Instead, Ben fell in love with the lifeguard he met on spring break.

"Would you relax?" Ben asked, as he came out of the bedroom and hugged her from behind.
 Alli blew a strand of hair out of her face. "How could I? Your mother hates me as it is, I don't want her to-"

"She doesn't hate you Alli. She's just bored and ornery. Once we settle down and give her some grandchildren-"

Alli huffed, as she turned to face him, cutting him off abruptly. " I thought we were both in agreement that we weren't going to do the whole parenthood thing?"

Ben blinked. "When we were seventeen, we didn't want kids. But we're settling down. I've got a good job... I mean your real good with Jovi."

Allison felt the pit of her stomach drop. Why was he bringing this up now, only weeks before they were about to commit their lives to each other? She didn't know the first thing about being a mother, it was a miracle she survived her own childhood. 

Ben rubbed her shoulders. "I'm not saying we have to have kids anytime soon. But I know you'll change your mind. And I'll be there every step of the way, when your ready."

Alli took several deep, calming breaths. Just as she settled her nerves the doorbell rang and Jovi began to bark uncontrollably. Ben gave her an encouraging slap on the ass to which she simply glared at him, before answering the door. They would continue this conversation later.

The End

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