Happy FamiliesMature

Clare led him into the bedroom, holding his hand in hers. It was nearly two in the morning. They ended up staying in the café for muh longer than anticipated. The evening hadn't been unpleasant. Bernard Holman leaving was one of the reasons. He hadn't returned from his visit to the restroom, and later, when Clare asked one of his associates where Holman was, the man told her Bernard had left. Headache, apparently.

Ewan was fairly drunk. He could talk perfectly fine, but the alcohol had taken it's toll on his inner ear functioning and left him struggling to stay on his feet. Beer had never been his friend. Nor had any drink, for that matter. Clare pulled him close and sat him down on the bed. He smiled up at her.
"I can't feel my toes," he mumbled.
"Neither can I."
"What, feel my toes?"
"No, mine. I hate heels."
"You shouldn't wear them then."
"Lie down." Ewan let himself fall back onto the bed and closed his eyes. The drowziness seemed to fade a little, but when he opened his eyes again, it came back immediately. Clare had disappeared to the bathroom. He heard her brushing her teeth.
"I hate drinking," he said. She spit out the toothpaste and rinsed.
"You should. I don't like you drunk. I really felt like having sex tonight, but you can't even stand up straight."
"Yes I can."
"No you can't. Take off your shirt."
"Oh lady, that's how I like it."
"Don't even try. You are going to drink a glass of water and then you are going to sleep." She left the bedroom. He heard the fridge open, then close, and she walked back in holding a large glass of water. "Drink up."
Ewan took the glass and drank almost half of it.
"All of it." Ewan drank the other half. Clare sat down next to him on the bed, and rested her head on his shoulder. For a moment, they just sat there. He with his head bowed, eyes closed, holding the empty glass in both hands. She leaned in towards him, head on his shoulder, listening to the sounds the neighbors made, muffled by the thin wall opposite her. He was yelling, she was crying loudly. Happy families surrounded them. She put her hand on his leg and squeezed.
"I love you," she said.
"Love you," he said.
"Go to sleep, I'll come in a minute."

The End

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