Maybe ForeverMature

Calloused fingers covered Allison's eyes, and another hand on the small of her back guided her into a tiny apartment.

"Can I open them now?" Allison begged, impatiently.

"One second," Came the deep Southern drawl. "And... Now!"

Allison pushed Ben's hand away. She blinked in confusion. What was she supposed to be looking for?

"Look down," Ben whispered into her ear.

Allison did as directed. Huddled in the corner by the couch, was a tiny vulnerable looking yellow lab puppy. 

After a sharp intake of breath, Allison squealed in delight. She knelt down to scoop the puppy up in her arms. "She's beautiful!" Alli exclaimed.

"Now, now wait just a second. She is a he. Don't offend his masculinity Darling."

She turned to Ben. " I love him! I love you." 

He reciprocated by wrapping her in a tight embrace, and pressing his lips to hers. "I want you to marry me," He murmured against her mouth.

Allison nearly dropped the puppy. Perhaps she had misheard him? They were only nineteen, after all. No, he hadn't proposed. She had simply misheard him. She turned her attention back to the puppy, nuzzling her head against his.

Ben cleared his throat. "Well, can you at least say something, or are you going to leave me hanging?"

She froze, and then decidedly set the puppy down before she dropped him on his head. She hadn't imagined Ben's proposal. But, why here? Why now? She was in yoga pants, and her hair was a disaster. Weren't these things supposed to be more romantic?

 Alli had never thought of marriage, or even once considered herself the forever type. That was until she meant Ben, over a year ago. And what a year it had been. Ben was the first person to take her away from her broken home and openly love her. Truth was, Ben was a Southern Prince, a Texas cowboy, who had never been anything less than a gentleman to her. He deserved so much better, but only a fool would turn him down.

"Are, are you sure?"

He laughed as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "I've never been more sure about anything in my life."

A smile broke out on Allison's face, as she stared at Ben. He was as beautiful as any man could possibly be. He had these soulful brown eyes that seemed to go on forever. They were framed by this shaggy blonde hair which made him appear slightly more boyish in contrast to his other masculine features.

"Not that I'm complaining Ben, but most people propose with rings, not dogs."

Ben's laughter filled the room."We'll work on that part," he said before kissing her again.

The End

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