blue sky

My trainers squeaked on the polished hallway as I ran panting down the empty corridor, my footsteps echoed loudly off the white washed walls. I skidded past the trophy case on the second floor, and bust through the door that lead to classroom 6B, tripped on my shoelaces, and fell to the floor in a heap, hitting my head. Everybody laughed. Almost everyone, though I couldn’t see, I knew one girl, would be sitting silence. “Sarah Kniven!!” came the shill voice of Mrs Baxter, my Algebra teacher. I picked myself off the floor, and looked sheepishly into her furious sharp wrinkled face. A lot of people were still giggling as she snapped “what time is this young lady? Detention. Go sit down.” I sighed, and made my way over to my desk. I was right, she wasn’t laughing. I looked at my neighbour Megan. That’s why I liked Megan, Megan never laughed at you when you fell over, got covered in mud, arrived late, appeared like a scarecrow and acted the fool.

When Mrs Baxter returned to the whiteboard, she whispered “why are you so late?” “Slept in.” I mumbled. “Again?” she said a little too loudly. “Silence!” said Mrs Baxter. She waited a while before she started whispering again. “What am I supposed to do with you Megan?” she smiled, and started fiddling with my hair, trying to make me sort of presentable at least. I didn’t really mind when she did that, but sometimes I get the feeling she really just likes playing with my scruffy blonde bedhead. Were complete opposites me and her, I’m the dirty untidy scarecrow girl, class joker and last in every test. Megan, as neat as a pin, an honour student, and quiet and sweet, but somehow we just ended up being friends. Best friends.

During lunch I stayed inside the dingy shadowed classroom when everybody else went outside to enjoy the weather. I sat by the window and gazed up at the clear blue sky, the white clouds, and felt the sunlight on my face. Mrs Baxter was snoring quietly in her chair, so I was free to daydream. After 10 minutes I sensed someone watching me, and flinched. I looked back at Mrs Baxter, but she just moved in her sleep and gave out a little snort. I giggled, and nearly fell off my chair when I heard a rapping at the window and turned to see Megan’s face right next to mine. It must have been her I felt watching me earlier. She smiled at me and I smiled back, glad see she thought to keep me company.

Then she reached down and got a marker out of her bag, her favourite blue one. She started writing on the window, while I watched, puzzled. She wrote out a message in her neat italic script (how does she write backwards that fast?) that read:

Let’s walk home together today; it’s been a while, right?

Meet me after school on the roof,

Just because the view must be nice today, I’d like to see it

I’ll wait for you. 3:45 then ok?

Bye. : )

She rubbed the pen off the window and ran off just as Mrs Baxter woke up with a grunt, and I quickly looked down at my work, willing myself not to laugh. “Well, have you learnt your lesson?” I heard her say. “Yes Mrs Baxter” I said smiling. “You are dismissed.” She said, and pointed to the door. I grinned as I hurried out of room 6B, thinking about that afternoon. I hadn’t walked home with Megan since we first started being friends, and I normally walked home on my own. I missed spending that time with her. Because of this, last period English dragged by so very very slowly, when the bell finally rang I practically leapt out of my seat.

I grabbed my bag and jacket and raced up flight after flight of stairs, till I came to the door that said ‘ALL STUDENTS MAY NOT ACCESS THE SCHOOL ROOF AT ANY PERIOD” ignoring the sign, I pushed the door gently, and sure enough it opened. Megan must have already picked the lock. I ran through the door out into open sunlight. A warm breeze ruffled my hair and the bright sun shone in my eyes. I dumped my stuff and looked around for Megan. I was about to call her name, when I saw her, lying on the ground on the other side of the roof. I walked over quietly as I could, and looked down at her face. She’d taken off her jumper and was using it has a cushion, and was sleeping quietly in the sunlight. I was about to wake her, then thought better of it. She was tired, and it was hot. I’d let her sleep for a bit longer.

I sat on the hot metal roof next to her, and looked up at the sky, so much closer now. It was such a clear brilliant cloudless blue. I loved that colour. I remembered Megan’s marker. “Do you like the colour blue Megan?” I asked quietly, looking down at her. I recoiled in shock, realising that my hand her been resting on Megan chest. My heart was beating right out of my chest, and I couldn’t understand why, why I couldn’t calm down. It was an accident. Just a simple mistake. Not even a big deal at all.  So why couldn’t I just calm down? I swallowed hard, and forced my heart to beat quieter. Confused and dazed I looked back at Megan, she still hadn’t woken up.

Then I noticed, as I had pulled my hand away a moment ago, the top of Megan’s white blouse had come undone. I could see her bra, neat and clean, just like her. There was a little blue ribbon tied to the front. Sky blue. I could feel blood rushing through my ears, and I was getting very hot, but again, I couldn’t understand why. Yet this time, it was strange because there was a weird sense of calm that fell over my brain as a sat there and stared. I felt horrible in my gut for even looking, but I sort of couldn’t help it, if that makes any sense. After a while I said quietly “you tie a blue ribbon to your bra Megan? That’s cute.”

I flicked the ribbon with my finger. She stirred, but didn’t wake. “Did you know blue was my favourite colour? Is it your favourite colour too, Megan?” I looked back up at the sky, and breathed out slowly, and re-buttoned her shirt. A few minutes later she woke up, and smiled at me. I was reading my algebra book. She sat up and said “I’m sorry Sarah, I must have fallen asleep, and did you wait a long time?” “No” I said quickly, shoving the book back in my bag. I got up, and helped her up too. She didn’t remember at all. I felt a twist of guilt in my stomach, and something that might have been disappointment, but I smothered it.  I grinned at her, and hooked my pinkie round hers.

“Shall we go then?” I said. “yeah.” She said dreamily looking up at the sky. “You know Sarah, I love the colour blue.” “Me too.” I smiled. We began to walk towards the door to the main school building. “Maybe I’ll tie a blue ribbon in my hair.”

The End

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