Chapter 4

In the afternoon of the next day, he got a magazine saying a new superhero in town and talking about the golden state bridge on the verge of collapse. So he decided to go to under the bridge at 5 p.m and before that he went to Egypt to the secret layer and got all the weapons and left with Anubis. Before dark matter got to the bridge, Blue Raven set the weapons to explode. So he told Anubis to get ally before the weapons explode and get out of there. So at 6, Atomatic finally got there and he walked into the trap when Anubis flew through and got the girl when the weapons went off and the bridge collapsed but Atomatic was ok because he used the atoms and made the invisible shield and the weapons dropped while the bombs exploded and nothing happened. Atomatic said, “You pesky raven, you got the girl but didn’t save the bridge. I can get away so see you later!” While the bridge was about to drop in the water the raven did something he never did before. He flew and used his strength to hold the bridge until it finally had everyone off. He dropped the bridge in the water and flew where he saw the Atomatic but invisible to everyone except him with his goggles. Anubis and Ally were right next to him the whole time. So when he went into an Atomatic they cornered him and Atomatic wasn’t going to be no more. Blue raven said, “It’s over so quit.” Bu he had one last trick he used his power to make an earthquake from the atoms  but Anubis had a trick up his sleeve. Anubis made a sandstorm in the dark alley before Atomatic could finish the earthquake and it worked. They tied him up to a pole and they all put grenades around him and Anubis, blue raven, and ally flew out and they pressed the switch and Anubis was gone forever and he was pure sand. At the end of it all, Ally said thank you and kissed under the sunset. Before it was all over Anubis took blue raven to the secret layer. He only said,” This is one of the hardest tasks you will ever have but this is just the beginning.”

The End

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