Chapter 3

.  Through the next week had to take down villains like the evolution, darkness, etc.  But had no sign of Atomatic anywhere so he waited and he finally got a call from Atomatic but this wasn’t any old phone call. He was getting ready for a day with his girl when he picked up the phone and saw a text from Atomatic on Ally’s phone which said,” Meet me under the golden state bridge today at 9 p.m. and if you don’t the Golden State bridge will collapse and your precious Ally will be gone forever.” Blue Raven said," You will never get away with this." So he immediately left where he found Atomatic with his dark clothes on, collar popped, and couldn’t see the face of him. He had ally by the neck and she said,” HELP!!!!!” All he could do was watch as he talked. Atomatic said, “I want the 50,000 dollars by tomorrow or the whole golden state bridge will collapse because it’s about and my matter is holding it up so it’s your choice to bring it and if you don’t bring it your precious Ally girl will be gone forever too. So either way you won’t win this battle. U must not know me then. “Blue Raven said,” I’ll get it if you don’t hurt Ally. Please don’t because I need her and nothing in the world will stop me from her.” Ally said, “It’s you Tyrell. OMG, I should’ve known you look like him so why didn’t I know. Don’t let him hurt me.” Blue raven said in defeat,” Ok, I am but I didn’t want you to know but I’ll get you out of here. I promise.” He walked away all the way to his motorcycle where when he got home, Anubis thought of something.  He did something he never did before, he talked and in a British accent. He said,” You can’t give up now after everything we’ve been through. You need to formulate a plot or else it’s over. We can do this. For Ally! For San Francisco!" At that moment Tyrell had just an idea that he thought was going to work. 

The End

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