Chapter 2

The next morning he woke up as usual but this time on TV news their wee kids stuck in a house full of smoke and he was ready. He got his suit on and went on the motorcycle. Screeeeech!!!!! He got their in time to say to the police to let him in. they wondered at first but decided to let him in. he barely could see without the cool see through anything glasses with lasers but luckily he had them so he went and got to the door where the children were and got through by kicking it down. One by one he went through the door bringing the children to safety and got them all out in a matter of seconds. His duty was done that day and he almost forgot dinner with Ally so he hurried and changed into a suit and tie. He hurried to Mario’s Italian grill where he met here there. He realized that he had an urgent mission coming but he didn’t want to mess up his date so he waited. Ally and he talked for 3 hours until finally leaving when he told her bye and she leaned in for the kiss and it was a whole bunch of magic for 5 seconds. When he got to his motorcycle, Anubis came out of nowhere and took him away all the way to the desert to the secret layer, when his dad hologram showed up out of nowhere. His dad said” What are you doing, you let a villain get away called Atomatic. According to my research Atomatic uses anything against you that you can’t see from the human eye. Atomatic uses the force that is invisible because he can use any atoms to make anything. So now he has the capability of using invisible force against anyone which might ruin every state in the U.S but you were too busy with your girl, Ally, get your head in the game son or else this guy will take over the world. Now leave!” So he left crossing his heart to promise that he will do whatever he can. 

The End

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