Chapter 1

Tyrell finds out that he is supposed to be a superhero and protect the bay area.

One bright day at beautiful San Francisco in June, Tyrell Thompson walked outside to go to his job at the DELL but little did he know that his life would be changed forever.  In DELL he would always say hi to Ally, a sweet girl with straight blonde hair and red lips and blue sparkling eyes. For some reason every time he went to work everyone thought he was just someone and just nothing but muscular guy with short hair and smart. But he knew he was someone he just didn’t know yet. So his day ended the same way. But he ran into Ally and had a loss of words and Ally said,” You want to go to dinner sometime?” Tyrell said,” (manly voice) umm sure?!?!” and continued to walk home.  On his walk back he was saw a raven. It looked exhausted and out of breath with a broken wing and somehow the color blue.  He brought it back to his house and in some awkward reason it was breathed normally and the wing was not even broken. The raven took Tyrell and picked him up and the bird used his beak to open the door. The only thing Tyrell could do was yelp. That raven took him all the way to the desert where he fell in to quicksand which showed a layer with a hologram of his dad. His dad said” you are finally here son, I’ve been waiting for you and we finally get to talk. I made this raven bring you because I pass on the super hero generation and make you the blue raven. As a blue raven before it’s your job to protect the bay area and you don’t go without a loyal trustee. This bird is yours for its named Anubis because it’s most powerful. Do you accept this mission?” Tyrell said,” Yea dawg, I do. His dad said,” Now that u accepted this mission, you get this motorcycle that turns into a Lamborghini called the rave. And this is your secret hiding spot home of your entire weapon and needs. Now that you know, the bay is in your hands. Now Anubis, take him back! Anubis took him back home and when he was home a costume appeared. It had blue, purple and black colors with glasses and a top hat and tight suit like other superheroes. He also had the motorcycle in his backyard. He had enough for the day so the day so he kept the bird on the couch and went the bed. 

The End

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