As Josh walked out of Bell’s apartment with the guitar, a lot of memories with him flashed back. He could not believe that he person who was able to change his life is now fighting for his life; possibly gone.

He delivered the news to Al. Josh thought he should know what happened.

Josh went back to the hospital. Megan was waiting right there by Bell’s room.

“Hey Megan, are you alright?” Josh asked Megan. He knew she wasn’t okay. It was just hard to say something because of what happened. He didn’t know what to say to her because he most likely was feeling the same thing.

He recalled everything Bell had taught him.

If he hadn’t met Bell, his life wouldn’t have moved forward. He would have been stuck in his apartment, maybe playing some video games, staying at home all day, maybe the occasional visit to the family for the holidays. It would have been ordinary.

A few hours passed and the doctor had given them news they dreaded to hear.

Josh looked at him one last time.

He thanked him for everything that he gave to him. If not for those, he wouldn’t have found his passion. He wouldn’t have found what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

♦ ♦ ♦

A few years passed since Bell passed away.

Josh became one of the top musicians in The Cave.

Megan started playing again and sometimes, her band would get hired for huge events.

Every time Josh gets the chance to celebrate, he would party it up with other musicians, they would jam together, and then maybe go out to eat. After, he would head out early. He’d visit Bell’s grave and just stay there for a few hours. Tell him about his huge gig or maybe a nice performance. Then go home, and then get some rest.

But the world still went on normally. Nothing particularly changed as these events happened.

Businessmen would still go about their businesses.

The students still go to study while their teachers still have a hard time getting them to learn.

The city still moves on like nothing ever happened.

Josh’s life did change since the day he met Bell.

But everything was still just ordinary.

The End

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