“Now that’s what you call Fusion.” Al said as Josh finished playing. Josh was surprised. He didn’t even realize it but he played like a pro. “How did I do that?” he asked himself. “Like I told you; Fusion is not played. It has to be felt by the player.” Al replied and they started to play again.

As they kept jamming together, Josh improved more and more. He grasped the concepts quick and he was able to apply them easily by following what Al had taught him: To visualize what he had already experienced; his hardships, his triumphs, and the laughter with his new friends. He visualized everything that he had gone through to fuel his music. He also remembered why he started to play. And then it happened; he started to play Fusion.

Meanwhile, in the city, Bell was meeting up with his old band to play a gig for an event. As he was getting ready to go to the venue, he found his old guitar. It was his most cherished one ever since he started playing. He took a piece of cloth and cleaned it up. He plugged it in his amp to check if it still played well. Bell strummed the guitar. It had a great sound. He placed it back in its case and he decided to hand it down to Josh. So he wrote a note down and put it inside the case. He rested it on his bed so he wouldn’t forget it when he got home from the gig. And so, he met up with his band to play.

At Al’s place, the two were just about finished with their jam session. It was almost after noon and Josh got a lot of input that day. Al said, “Why don’t you try out your new skills back at the Legato?” Josh thought about it but he couldn’t shake off the feeling that he could make another mistake like last time. “That won’t happen again. I can say that for sure. As long as you just keep playing like you played today, nothing will go wrong. Just remember to feel what you want to play and the Fusion with just sort of flow out.” Having that said, Josh was reassured and he decided to give it another go. So he said goodbye to Al and went off to ride back to the city. As he was riding the bus, he saw Bell by the sidewalk walking. “I guess I should invite him again later tonight.” So he sent him a text to meet up at the Legato same time last time. He arrived home and he fixed up his gear for his return to the Legato club. He also sent Megan a text saying he’ll be playing tonight and this time it’ll be different. She had her doubts but she felt that he was going to do well.

That night, Josh arrived at the club a bit early. He walked up to the organizer and listed his self for the night’s show. “Hmm… Bell and Megan aren’t here yet. I guess I’ll just order something for myself.” He said to himself and that’s what he did. He ate and had some drinks to relieve the tension. He was checking out the place. Some of the people there recognized him but that didn’t affect him. This time, he was ready and he knew what he was going to do.

He checked the time. It was getting late and the session was about to start. Megan and Bell haven’t arrived yet. “I guess they’re still busy.” He was deep in thought which was cut when the organizer started to introduce the players for the night. He got his guitar to set up on stage.

They started playing. He closed his eyes and started to visualize the music. And there, he started to see it. All the forms; all the roads he could take to create his best music. He played like a pro and created wonderful music that everyone heard. They looked at him and they were amazed. He stole the show that night.

After the session, he went off the stage. The other musicians approached him. “That was cool. You should play with us sometime. We need a good guitarist like you.” The guy said and Josh was speechless. It was just like he imagined. As he was fixing up his gear to go home, the door was opened hurriedly, someone came in; it was Megan. She seemed to be looking for someone. “Josh! Something happened!” the girl was in a panic. She looked down, took a deep breath and then looked at Josh. “It’s Bell. He had an accident!”

The End

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