Josh decided to pack up his gear and just head home. His heart was heavy. As he walked out of the club, some of the musicians saw him. Josh saw them talking to each other and he immediately assumed it was because of what happened on stage. He just kept walking. He was ashamed because he was so sure of his self. Josh already played the scene on his mind. He would play a great gig; the audience would cheer and the other musicians would start inviting him to play more sessions with them. But it didn’t happen like that.

Bell and Megan saw him walking and they caught up with him. “Hey man, I’m sorry that had to happen like that. It’s not the end of the world you know. That was your first try. There are a lot more times to try again.” Bell said to comfort him. “Yes Josh. You can just try again. You just lacked the experience; that’s all.” Megan added. Yes, Josh was crushed. But it wasn’t enough to make him quit. “Thanks guys. I know, I can just try again but it’s really gonna be harder this time. My performance sucked.” His two friends paused. They looked at each other and smiled. They were surprised that he was able to get over it that fast. “I guess I just more training. Yeah, I guess I’m a bit sad. But it was still cool though. I got to play on stage. I just saw it go another way in my mind” Josh said and suddenly they all just started to laugh. Bell and Megan were relieved to see that Josh didn’t take it really bad. They all decided to go out to eat to celebrate Josh’s first live show on stage. They went to a nearby restaurant and just talked and laughed. Josh was happy even though the night didn’t go as he planned but deep down, he was still very disappointed. He decided that he would keep on training.

The night ended and they all went home. Josh went up to his apartment. He fixed up his guitar, and then he just lay down on his bed. He kept thinking about what happened on stage. He wanted to become better. He told himself that he didn’t want that to happen again so he decided to return to Al the next day to start training again.

Morning came and he was all packed up. He called Al to tell him he was coming and he took the bus.

“Hey Josh. So I hear it didn’t go so well last night eh?” Al said as he came in the house. “Hey thanks. It’s good to see you too Al.” Josh relied a bit irked. “Hey don’t be like that. I was just kidding. So, now you know what the real thing is. It’s not just about how much you know in theory. Knowing about Fusion and playing it are two different things.” His mentor explained. So they both took out their guitars and started their jam session.

As Al started to play, Josh listened and he noticed that it was still different from what he had learned. He didn’t understand why. He studied every video Al gave him. He learned all the songs he’s played before and he learned so many different techniques but all Josh could do was just stick to the basics. Al stopped. “Just like last night right?” Al said. “You know Josh, when you start Fusion, it doesn’t matter how much you know. Well, it does but not so much. You don’t play Fusion; you feel it. It’s music that one has to feel before he can play.” Al told Josh to just close his eyes as they played. He asked him to visualize what he hears. Josh was confused but he did it anyway. Al told him to focus only on the sound. No thinking. No techniques. Just listen to the flow of the music.

“There’s nothing. I don’t know what you want me to see.” Josh told Al and he said “Alright then, try this: Why don’t you think back on a sad experience. Or a tragedy or something that just makes you feel sad. Then try to listen to the music.” And so he did. He tried to visualize his old life. He remembered when he was alone and doing his daily routine. He was sad and felt bad that he didn’t have anyone. Al saw that Josh was in deep thought so he started playing and in that moment, Josh felt it. He felt the music. Suddenly, he saw what he wanted to play. It was an unexplainable feeling for him so he just started to play. He didn’t follow any of his techniques or riffs or phrases he learned. He just played what he felt and right there was his first real Fusion session.

The End

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