Al handed Josh some of his old music to listen to. He told him to practice those pieces every day. He also gave him some sheet music to study on. They were copies of styles of famous blues and jazz players from around the world; some of them were even hand written by the artists themselves which made it very rare and impossible to find. But Al had them all and he let Josh have a taste of the knowledge and experience that these artists left behind. Al also gave him some DVD’s of some of his performances in The Cave and other big music clubs over the world. He was very grateful and both he and Bell got ready to go back home. Before they took off, Al told Josh to come back after a few weeks to see how he’s doing and Josh agreed. He thanked him again getting Al a bit embarrassed because he never had a student thank him so much and appreciate what he did; not even Bell thanked him like Josh did. As the two boys were making their way out, Al looked at Josh. He could see so much of his old self in him. Very diligent and motivated in what he wanted to do. He saw in Josh that he would do everything it took to become one of the top players and that made him want to help teach Josh everything. He wanted to help him reach the top because when he was Josh’s age, it was also one of his dreams; to become one of the best guitar players in the world.

Josh and Bell were on the train going back to the city. Josh was very eager to get home and start on his new training. Bell could see it in his eyes. It was going to be another series of sleepless nights of practice for Josh. To Josh, that day, waiting in the train to get home, was one of his longest rides ever. It was as if he was counting every minute; every second he was in there. He’d look at the notes Al gave him then check the window to see if they got back. “Hey Josh, relax. You’ll get your chance to practice. It’s gonna be a long ride so just wait alright?” said Bell looking at the obsessed young guitarist. He actually chuckled because it was rare to find someone who was like Josh. It was also reassuring for him because he knew all the time he took helping Josh wouldn’t go to waste. He was actually quite proud of himself because he was able to help someone get that far. Despite what Bell said, Josh was still so excited to start playing.

They arrived and Bell went on his way. Josh hurried home to his apartment. He reached under his bed for Cloud. He took him out of his case and plugged him in. Then he started to practice the exercises one by one. He watched the videos and started playing the songs he heard by ear. After he’d get it, he would even play it again and start composing his own phrases based on the one he heard Al and the other musicians played.

Night came and he decided to visit The Cave to listen to some more Fusion. He was about to arrive when he heard someone calling him out from a distance. He looked behind him and there he saw someone familiar. He looked at her closely. It was Megan. They met the first time he was brought to The Cave by Bell. “Hey there Josh! You remember me right?” she asked. “Of course. I couldn’t forget. Megan right?” he replied. They decided to go together. They arrived at the club and got a table. They ordered something to eat and drink. Megan asked Josh why Bell wasn’t with him. “I don’t really know. He told me he had some business to do.” Josh told Megan. So they just sat there talking. It had been so long since Josh opened up to someone. He started talking about his childhood. He asked questions about her like how she found The Cave, or who invited her. They just talked and listened to the amazing music. “I actually played the keyboards” said Megan. “Bell was also the first one to bring me here. He heard me play once in a bar and he told me that he knew a place where I could improve further. Then he brought me here in The Cave. He also helped me with learning more about the different genres of music they play here. It was really fun learning from him too! He’s so easy to get along.” Josh agreed. He was a really fun guy to be with. He was also easy to get along with. He thought back to when he was living his normal routine life. He saw so many things that he couldn’t have experienced if he continued that kind of life. Josh smiled not realizing he was looking at Megan. “Huh? What’re you smiling at?” Megan asked. “Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about something.” “About Bell? Are you gay?” she asked and laughing at the same time. “Hey c’mon. It’s nothing like that.” Josh explained. “It’s just. He’s so amazing. If I haven’t met him that day I went to The Box, I wouldn’t have made it this far. I wouldn’t have known that this world is so much more than what I used to do. He’s my best friend. He’s my mentor.” Megan smiled at what he said. And the night went on. They ate and they continued to listen to the music.

The End

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