The next morning, Josh got up. He stayed in bed for a few minutes just thinking about what happened at The Cave. It was something that he couldn't get out of his mind. To him, this was something that he never thought would happen. He did play a guitar but only casually. He would listen to a song and learn the chords and just play. This was different. He wanted to play like them. Those fantastic people who created that intoxicating music. He checked the time and forty minutes have already gone by. He got up, fixed something to eat and went out for a walk. He thought of passing by the nearby music store he used to visit a lot. On the way, he reminisced about the music. He tried to remember all the details and the flow and the style of how each of the performers played. He started to visualize his self playing on the same stage, doing riffs and licks that got the audience to go wild. He imagined being on the performers table, chatting with the best players in town. He was so lost in thought that he passed the music shop by a few. He ran back and went inside.

He was greeted by an old man with a smile. "It's been so long. How are you kid?". "I've been busy. Just thought I'd pass by." Josh replied. He wandered off checking out the new stock of guitars. The shopkeeper saw in his eyes that he found something he lost. He wanted to get back the music that drove him. "So, I reckon you've been to The Cave?" the shopkeeper said. Josh looked at him. It was strange because he never mentioned anything yet the old man knew. He asked him of course and the shop keeper just told him that not often does he see the look that he had. Only when someone experiences something extraordinary, does he see that look he just made. "Not many players get in The Cave though. Before you can even play, you need to get recognized. They only let you on stage by invitation.". Josh seemed a bit disappointed. Invitation? That would've been impossible for him. The level of skill he had could be compared to that of an elementary student. He didn't know what scales were. He never learned to read music. He doesn't even have much technique when playing. The old man laughed. "You don't need to read music kid. You don't even have to know what scales or what technique you're doing. It's... hmmm.." the guy paused for a moment trying to look for the words he would tell him. Trying to find something that could describe what he needed. "... you need to feel the music." he said. "Music isn't how much you know or how many skills you've learned in playing guitar. It's not even how many songs you can play. It's how you can tell others what you feel through the six strings connected to that guitar of yours.". Josh was inspired. The words rang straight to his soul. He smiled and just went on checking out the guitars. The shop keeper knew that he was able to get Josh back up. "Hey kid, come with me." pointing to the back room of the shop. As Josh entered that locked room, he saw only a few guitars but he could tell that these were not ordinary. These were special. He checked out some of them. Some of them were vintage guitars played by famous guitarists. There were limited editions that were only sold for a few days. Others were custom made and donated to the shop. They were all amazing but one guitar caught his eye.

"Oh, yeah that one is something else. It was left here by someone. Said he was leaving and he wanted to donate it. Not much about him though. Before he left the guitar, we played a bit. Boy, he was darn good. It was like music just ran through his veins. He calls that guitar, "Cloud".". Josh stared at the guitar. It had a shiny black "offset waist" body with a dark red pick guard. The fret board was also painted black and it seemed smaller than the other guitars. It had one pickup but it seemed to be slightly damaged. It wasn't an obvious choice to buy but he just wanted to try it out. He plugged it in the amplifier and he played a song he knew. He listened to the sound of the guitar. As he closed his eyes, it felt right. He played some more and he could picture his self with that guitar, playing in The Cave with the best players. The sound coming out of that guitar had the spark he needed. The shop keeper looked at him. Josh was in his own world.

Josh bought the guitar and he was excited to try it out at home. The old man could see it in his face. He gave him some tips on what music to listen to if he wanted to play the music he heard. He was happy on selling that guitar to him. He told himself that it could've been made for him. It was a rare sight for the shop keeper. As he closed his shop door to continue business, he remembered someone exactly like Josh. He went on to become one of the greatest players he's ever heard.

As the excited Josh came home, he started listening to different blues artists. He started appreciating Jazz pieces and he also started to search the internet on tutorials on playing on that style. It seemed to help him but he wasn't satisfied. He picked up his phone and called Bell. The phone rang... It rang again... Then Bell answered. "Uhh Bell? Hey, I really want to learn more about The Cave. I want to play music."

The End

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