The Cave

Bell and Josh went in the club. They were greeted by a long flight of stairs with glowing neon lights on the edges going underground. It was very dark and all they could see were the glowing light greeting their shoes as they take another step down. They reached the club and Josh was instantly mesmerized by this new kind of music he never listened to before. It was as if it spoke to his heart directly. They got a table and Bell ordered some drinks for both of them. As they sat down, there was this girl who approached the table who seemed to know Bell. "Hey Bell! Who's this?" asked the girl. "Oh, this is my college friend, Josh. He plays guitar too!". "Hey! Nice to meet you. I'm Megan. You came here to play?" Megan asked Josh. He replied, "Oh no no.. Bell just uuhh.. Brought me here. I just thought... It would be nice I guess.". Megan saw that he was nervous and she got a hint that he was the type that doesn't go out much. She was right. "Either way, it's good that you came by, only a few people know about this place and the music here is sick! Oh yeah! Steve's here to play tonight!". Bell looked so excited when she mentioned Steve. He was one of the greatest players he's ever listened to. He played the Bass and he was really good at it too.

As he listened, Josh noticed that he never listened to that kind of music before. It was all so familiar yet, it was so new to him. He had to ask. "What kind of music is this? It's so different.. yet, it's so amazing!" he asks both Bell and Megan. It was a breed between blues rock and modern pop music. Two genres that didn't mix well were merged to create something new. To Josh, it was captivating. It was a new kind of high just listening to the music.  Then, it started.

The barkeep walked up on stage to start the live performances of musicians who were mixed up. They called it a Fusion. He reached down his bull cap and pulled out a piece of paper. He called out to someone and he went up on stage. His name was Dave. People knew him as a construction worker across the block. He picked up his guitar and he just started to play. At first, it seemed like just a random arrangement. Then, the next name was called. It was a girl this time. Kat was a cashier by the local drug store. After she stopped her schooling, she started to work there ever since. She picked up the drum sticks and just listened at first. Then the beat started. Josh listened and just with those two instruments, he was already caught in the music. Only the stage mattered in the club. Then the last name was called. Steve. He picked up the Bass guitar and listened to the two musicians jam. His fingers just started to fly through his Bass. The music became a drug to Josh. He was lost in the music. It was a new world he found and he knew what he wanted to do. The session ended and he looked at old college mate. "I guess you were right. It was kind of cool." Josh said. "Kind of cool. Come on, I know what you really felt. Anyway, just send me a text if you need anything." Bell replied as he gave him his number. Then they parted. Josh decided to walk home with his bag of groceries. As he was walking, he couldn't take the music off his mind. It was amazing. It was something that touched him. He got home and he cooked himself some dinner. He was still in a trance. He wanted to play like that. It was his calling.

The End

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