Josh was someone who would stay clear of other people. He would rather stay alone and do his thing. One day, while he was walking out, he met a guy who needed help. Little did he know that his life was about to change.

It was summer time and everything was pretty ordinary for this guy named Josh. He pretty much loved spending his time staying at home watching movies and T.V. shows. He never did like going out except when he needed to stock on food or watch his favorite band play live nearby. He was an outcast; a lone wolf. He didn't want to hang out with his high school buddies or even his college friends. He had family but Josh was disconnected. He felt that he'd do better without relying on them. Still, he would visit for Christmas and stay 'til the new year came. He was anti-social, he was cold, and he didn't want to have any connections with anyone because he always said to himself that if he had a bond with someone, it would just go bad soon and it'll be a drag when it gets to that stage. But everything changed soon.

It was a Monday in May and he had to stock up for the week. He always had his own system on what to buy and how long his supplies would last. He didn't need much food; he was living alone. He would get the supplies he needs in the nearby super market called The Box. So he got ready and went off. He got in a taxi and they drove off. "Where to?", "Drop me by The Box" he said. It was a good fifteen minute drive. The taxi driver attempted to start a conversation. "Hey, you look familiar. Hey man, what school did you go to?". Josh just looked at him and just stared away. "Oh yeah, I remember now. Dude! We went to the same school together. Remember? High school? You don't uuhh.. remember?". He just paused. Josh remembered though but he wasn't really that intrigued. "Yeah, I think we did.", he said as they reached The Box. He handed his fare and he just went on to buy his stuff.

After his weekly shopping, he saw a guy. He looked so familiar he said to himself. As Josh walked by, he realized that it was someone from his college years. He was wearing a jacket and covering his arms too as if he was hiding something. He just casually walked by but the man recognized him as well. "Josh?" he said in a surprising tone. "Hey, it's me Bell! How's it been?". Josh just stared at him, of course he realized quickly that he wouldn't be able to avoid the conversation this time.  "Oh yeah! Bell, I remember. Back in college right? Yeah, I'm okay. Doing good.". "It's been so long dude. Hey, I know. Wait for me here. I just need something. I'll be back real quick." Bell said and he rushed in to buy what he needed.  It wasn't like Josh to wait for someone. Especially someone he didn't know at all but something in him just told him to wait. He felt as if something would happen.

"So what are you into now?" Bell asked Josh. So they went to a nearby park to catch up a bit. Josh told him about his life alone in the city. "Man, that's so boring!". Bell started laughing. Josh just went with it and just kept on with the conversation. "Hey, I know this place. It's pretty cool. You play music right?". Bell knew this because he used to play in a band and he would see him a lot. Josh was having second thoughts though because he never really liked to go out much. In the end though, he still went along and they went to this place called The Cave. It was a small club of musicians who gathered to chill out or make some music. But The Cave was also famous for another thing. The performances. Every night at The Cave, they had a line up of musicians who would perform up on stage but there was a twist. Each of the musicians would sign up individually and they would be mixed on stage to perform with other musicians who signed up. "That doesn't seem right. How would you even play if you don't know who you're gonna play with?" Josh asked because he never played like that before. Normally, people would form a band, then practice some songs, then perform. This wasn't the case and Bell was about to open that world to Josh.

The End

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