First change

So i sent Jason Rickers home, maybe i went a bit overboard, but when your best friend bites you to the point of bleeding, u tend to get angry

So, To calm down i pulled out my D.S. and turned on

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.

I had just finished a level, when i got to a boss.

I saw a man there, terrorized, Then he transformed into a werewolf on seeing the Blue moon.

I laughed, is a WEREWOLF really the best they could come up with?

I mean, of a all the creatures, creepy and old, they could choose, they chose a freaking WEREWOLF.

So i took out my whip (in the game of coarse...o.O, Went forward to attack him..and..i couldnt..

I dont know why? Did he have a sheild? Nope.

I just..couldn't do it conciously.

So i Ran outside to calm down..Full Moon...I heard somthing howl...

It was coming from me..


The End

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