Second Bite


"Dude what happened?" Of course, Sam was always nosy.

"That doesn't matter, get me a bandage!"


"BANDAGE!" Finally Sam went to get a bandage. I ended up going to his house because mine was farther away. Not to mention how bad my leg got on the way here. I would've died if I had to go home.

"Here, now what happened, it looks like you got attacked" I got a bit angry from how much he was asking, even more when I had to wrap the bandage myself.

" Yeah, attacked, by a giant rabid dog."

" Why were you out there anyway?"

" None of your business," why should he have to know how much of a glutton I was?

" Man, You're bleeding, now just tell..."

" Let, it, go."

" NO, now tell or I'll..." now I really didn't want to hit him, but I was mad. I had no choice. "Ow, that's it!" He tried to wrap his arm around my neck, but ended up just putting his forearm on my mouth. That was stupid, all I had to do was bite him hard enough and he'd let go. I went just.... a little overboard. I bit him, he bled, he cried.

I don't know what's gotten into me. I've been very angry since the bite, heck, on my way here I almost stabbed a guy who picked up a penny before I did. It makes me wonder, but whatever. The sky's cleared up, I can see the dusk sky.

I loved looking up at the stars, and even better, there's a full moon out tonight. That's all I need to calm down.

The End

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