Chapter Six

Sparrow was alone.

All alone.

Turning around, he noticed something in the bushes, twitching around.  Sniffing the air, it was the scent of a wolf.

He looked.

Jaws dripping blood, the wolf looked up.  His lip was curled back in a snarl, and he opened his mouth and let out a howl into the sky, the haunting sound the only sound in the secluded area.

He saw Sparrow.

And Sparrow realized... it was him.

It was Leader.  

Looking down at the mangled body beneath Leader, it was small and oddly shaped.  It was... it was... 

No.  It couldn't be.

It was Dream.

~ ~ ~

Waking up from the startling dream, Sparrow shook the thought out of his mind, or struggled to.  But it wouldn't leave.  The image of... Leader.  Standing over Dream.  He had killed her.

No, it wasn't possible.  It couldn't be.

It had been more than a week since Rain's death, and now spring had fully taken over winter.  The remainder of snow melted quickly, and small blooms began to pop out of the frozen soil.  The sun came out more, and the sky was bright once again.  
The pack was glad that the winter was finally over, considering that their food was very scarce during that time.  But now, it would still be quite scare, considering that they had the risk of hunters.

The pack, actually, always had a small risk of hunters.  Some people hunted and killed wolves by airplane, which none of them had ever witnessed, but they had heard of on a few occasions.  There were always traps, of course.  Only one wolf in the pack had ever been killed from a trap, but that was several years ago, Leader informed them.  The risks were still high as ever, though, so they were warned to be careful many times a week.

It was early the next morning, but the sun was already out and blazing.  As soon as he opened his eyes, Sparrow was struck by sunlight entering the hole in the top of his den, which he knew that he would have to fix at some point.  Shading his eyes with a paw, he got up and hurried out of the den.

Nearly all of the wolves were outside that morning, rejoicing that spring had finally came.  There was no more harsh weather, scarce food, or any other things that winter brought along with the change of seasons.  Sapphire informed Sparrow that she was going to the river with Snowflake and Sunset, and asked if he wanted to come, which he agreed to.  

"The river is that way."  Sunset sniffed the air, and gave them the news.  "I've passed it several times before, and it's probably unfrozen by now."

The four made their way to the river within minutes, and began to lap up the water.  One of the only ways to get water during the winter was by waiting for the rain to fall, or finding the rare unfrozen puddle every now and then.  Otherwise, the pack would have to find another way to get water, which wasn't easy.

"I think," Snowflake said, "that we should have moved to a place closer to this river.  Maybe even by this river.  It would be so much easier."

"I doubt that Leader's going to do that," Sapphire said.  

"I know," Snowflake sighed, stretching.  "I was just saying.  I doubt it, too."

Sparrow was silent pretty much the entire time, standing and drinking from the river as the other three communicated with each other.  Sparrow suddenly remembered that they hadn't told Leader or anyone where they were going, so they were most likely being looked for.  

"Don't you think that we should go back?" Sparrow asked them nervously, looking around.  "I don't remember where the territory is, anyway."

"It's that way," Sapphire replied, rolling her eyes.  "I can't believe you didn't know that."

"I'm not good with directions, okay?" Sparrow snarled.  "Why did you think that I stayed in one place pretty much the entire time that I was gone?"

"That's why," Snowflake replied, and she smiled.

"Yes," Sparrow said.  "Let's go back."

"Fine," Sapphire told him, and she began to walk towards the pack as the others followed her.

When they finally got back, the wolves were still mostly outside, with the exception of Dawn.  In fact, she was the only wolf that wasn't outside.  Curious of where she was, Sparrow walked away from the others and peeked into her den.

She was in there, but she was clearly not expecting to see anyone.  Her head was rested on her paws, her eyes closed, although Sparrow had a feeling that she wasn't sleeping.  She only looked rather tired, as if she hadn't gotten enough sleep last night.  Although Sparrow hadn't either, he wasn't very tired.  He began to think of his dream again, mostly because it had terrified him.

But... it couldn't be true.  It couldn't.  

Or could it? 

No.  It was a dream, Sparrow told himself.  They don't come true.  They don't.
Removing his head from the inside of Dawn's den, he made his way back to his without any further thoughts.  He wanted to be alone, to think.  To think more about his dream - his nightmare.

As he sat there, thinking, the image popped into his head once again.  

Leader.  Leader was a murderer. 

Note: ...Or is he?  :D  You'll have to find out.


The End

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