Chapter Two

Slightly happy that he was finally alone, Sparrow made his way into his den silently, immediately sitting on the ground and letting out a content sigh.  Blinking and looking around, he noticed a small crack in the top of his den - the soil had given way and was letting in a bit of sunlight.  He blinked again, trying to avoid the sunlight.  Sighing when he noticed that it was basically useless, he turned away from the crack in the top of the den.  

As he became bored of sitting there and doing nothing, Sparrow got up quickly and exited the den.  He walked over the the fresh kill pile underneath the tree, and picked up a small rabbit.

Satisfied, he took the rabbit over to a small yet shady tree and sat down, beginning to eat it.  Tearing a chunk of meat from the rabbit, he looked up as he saw a dark shape approaching.

It was Sapphire, he realized seconds later.  As she got under the tree as well to escape from the sunlight, Sparrow rolled his eyes.  

"Do you mind?" he asked her, sarcasm in his voice.

"No," Sapphire said, smirking.  Her eyes were bright with mischief as she sat down beside him, and tried to pull the rabbit away from him playfully.

"Stop," Sparrow growled at her.  Sapphire looked up at him, a smile on her face, as she ignored his reply.

Grabbing at the rabbit, she managed to tear off a small piece just before Sparrow snarled at her and swiped his paw across the side of her head.  Not even a scratch on her, Sapphire shook herself as she stood, and then walked away from him for a while.

She returned not long after leaving with a bird dangling from her jaws, looking pleased with herself.

"Don't worry," she said.  "I won't steal anything from you this time."

"I know," Sparrow said between mouthfuls of the rabbit.  "Good, because I might have attacked you later on."

"Sure," Sapphire smirked.  She pulled a few feathers off of the bird, dropping them to the left of her, as she began to eat it.  "You know, you'd better be careful what you say, because Leader or someone else important could be listening to every word you say at whatever moment."

"I know," Sparrow said.  "I was being sarcastic."

Sapphire nodded, tearing a piece of meat from the bird.  "know," she replied.  Her tail twitching, she sat up.  "There's nothing to do around here."

"Agreed," Sparrow muttered.  "The only thing that this pack ever does is go on hunts and just sit here."

"Mhmm," Sapphire said, chewing.  After eating all that she wanted of the bird, she tossed it aside.  "We should go on a hunt sometime by ourselves."

"We can't," Sparrow reminded her.  "Remember what Dawn said, about the hunters?"

"Yes," Sapphire replied.  "But if we're just catching a rabbit or whatever, and it's close to here, we shouldn't have to worry."

"But if a hunter saw us, they would assume that we were going to attack them, so they would shoot."


"I know.  I'm always right."

Rolling her eyes, Sapphire shifted her position.  "Never stand your ground when faced with a hunter," she said.  "That's what Leader said."

"You're saying that you should run if you're faced with a hunter?" Sparrow asked.
"Yes, because if you try to attack them, they would attack you.  If you run away, they would probably see you as no threat," Sapphire replied, letting out a pant after saying that.

"We should ask Dawn and everyone if we are going hunting tomorrow, anyway," Sparrow told her.

"Probably," Sapphire said.  "We haven't gone in a few days.  We still have a fair amount of food, but the more, the better."

"You have a point there, Sapphy."

"...Since when have you called me that?"

"Since now," Sparrow replied with a grin.  

"Well, don't call me that," Sapphire grumbled.  "Just because Dawn used to call me that when I was two months old doesn't mean that YOU can call me that."

"Technically, I can.  If your presence is annoying me, than I should be able to."
"My presence is annoying you?  I'll leave, then, if you want."

"It doesn't matter," Sparrow said, his eyes focusing on the passing wolves who were around the clearing.  He saw Rain speaking with Dawn, most likely about tomorrow's possible hunt, and Leader peering over the edge of a small cliff that stood over the clearing.  Looking to the left, where a few large trees were, he saw an owl among the branches, which was cautiously eyeing the surrounding wolves.  

"Alright, then I suppose I'll ask Dawn if we're going hunting tomorrow," Sapphire said softly, beginning to look around the pack territory as well.  Getting up quickly, she walked over to Dawn and Rain and began to converse with them.

Standing and stretching, Sparrow yawned and turned back towards his den.  It was starting to get a little dark now as the sun began to set, yet most of the wolves were not in their dens.

"I need your attention."

Turning as he heard Leader's voice, he noticed his father standing at the top of the cliff.  He was making an announcement to the pack, apparently, as his eyes moved from one wolf to the next to make sure that every wolf was present.

"It appears as if its going to rain tonight, and possibly tomorrow morning," Leader said loudly.  "However, we are going to go on a hunt tomorrow.  Rain will tell you who is going with her tomorrow besides the wolves who are being trained.  If she tells you to go with her, you must.  We need all the help that we can at the moment - with hunters now present, our prey will most likely start becoming scarce."  He looked at all the surrounding wolves once again, and then looked up towards the darkening sky, which was beginning to produce clouds ever so slightly.


All wolves barked a response, and Leader nodded and turned, disappearing from the top of the cliff.  Most of the wolves, including Sparrow, began to return to their dens as the sky darkened even more.
~ ~ ~
It was late that night, and Sparrow was still awake, not surprisingly.  He had been thinking a lot that night - thinking of hunters, mostly.  He was wary of them at the moment, mostly because from what he had been told, they were very dangerous.

It was pouring outside, and water was dripping from the crack in the roof every now and then, although it was rather small.  Sparrow rested his head on his paws, sighing, as it continued to rain outside.  He wasn't sure how they were going to hunt the next morning - even if the rain ceased, it would still be quite wet out. 

The End

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