Blue Moon Wolves Book #2 - Tragedy

Sparrow truly suffers through "tragedy" as he discovers that he is still not trusted in his pack. Also, he must deal with Leader, who despises him; and Sapphire, who he loves truly.

Note: This book has longer chapters (way longer chapters) than the first one, I promise.  The shortest is like, 1,000 words.  Somethin' like that.  Anyway, READ IT.

He knew that he shouldn't be out here.  He absolutely knew it.  

He felt dangerous tonight.  He felt confident, and powerful, and threatening.  He knew that he was not strong enough to face all things, but strong enough to face most things.  Nearly everything.  

But suddenly... a strong scent reaches his nose, and he breaths in deeply.  It is unrecognizable.  What could it be...?  ...What...?  

Noise.  Noise in the bushes.  He whips his head around, and utters a fierce growl... But he cannot tell... Is he strong enough?

The scent grows stronger.

And stronger.

And stronger.

It is almost unbearable, and he runs...

He is frustrated with himself.  I'm not strong enough.  I'm not strong enough.  I'm not -- I'm not -- not strong enough...

Weakness overcomes his body.  He is not sure why... until he looks down.

Until he looks down, and sees the gaping wound in his chest.

A sharp pain develops into his chest, like his is being stabbed by a thousand knives.  The scent returns.  Blood flows.

He falls.

He was not strong enough... Not strong enough... Not... strong enough... 

The End

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