Chapter Seven

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The once bright and unusually sunny (for autumn, at least) area had now faded into blackness as the sun slowly fell.  Creatures of the night began to resurface and perform their activities, such as catching their prey and tending to their young.  As the four wolves ran through the forest, owls hooted overhead and there were numerous times where they heard rustling in the bushes, the suspicion of what those noises were expanding.

Suddenly, Dawn stopped abruptly.  "Be... completely... silent," she snarled back to her pups, her teeth bared.  They said nothing, and crouched down behind a bush, leaving their mother out in the open.

"But what if it smells -"

"Just be silent, Snowflake."  Pausing for a moment and sniffing the air, Dawn wrinkled her nose.  "That is the scent of a wolf from the south area of the forest.  One of the enemy wolves."  

All three of the younger wolves shivered at Dawn's response, although it wasn't uncommon for Sparrow to be slightly curious.  What would happen if the wolf found them?  Were the enemy wolves as fierce and heartless as Leader and Dawn had described them?

Dawn quickly rushed over to them.  "It's simple as this," she said, panting and out of breath.  "We're not on their territory, as far as I can tell, so they can't blame us for that.  We should be same at the moment."

"Mother, are you completely sure that you know where we're going?" Sapphire asked, poking her head out from behind the bush.

"I am certain," Dawn said firmly.  "This is the exact same way that we went while coming here."

Now, looking at Sparrow, Dawn quieted her voice for some reason.  "When was the last time that you ate something?" she asked him.  

"Yesterday," Sparrow replied.  "It was a dall sheep, but a golden eagle stole it before I could finish it."

"Those sly things," Dawn muttered under her breath.  "They should not steal prey from a wolf who is barely older than a year.  They shouldn't steal prey in general."

"Don't worry about it," Sparrow said.  "I can go longer without eating.  Just keep going.  I'm fine."

Rather hesitantly, Dawn led the wolves out of the bush and began to run out of the area.  Sparrow could no longer smell the enemy wolf, so he began to run as well.
But as he was running, Sparrow noticed something odd among the trees.  It was a pair of eyes, bright with eyeshine.  Sparrow wasn't worried at all at first - it wasn't unusual to see eyeshine at night in the forest, considering it had so many creatures.  But the animal's eyes seemed to be focused directly on him.

Blinking, Sparrow shook the image out of his head and looked back.
The eyes were gone.

Feeling a hint of fear, Sparrow ran a bit faster through the forest, Dawn, Sapphire, and Snowflake not far behind.  Dawn finally barked at them all, and they stopped.
"Don't move," she hissed.  "The wind is blowing away from us, and I smell the wolf again."

Sparrow shuddered.  What if the eyes had been of the enemy wolf?  Clearly, they would be attacked.

His fears were granted as a small yet powerful looking she-wolf stepped out into the clearing.  Ducking behind a bush, Sparrow and his two "sisters" tried to figure out how to block their scent.  Slowly looking through the bush, Sparrow could make out a few of the wolf's features.  She was graceful-looking and pretty, her piercing yellow eyes focused on Dawn, who was still standing out in the open.  Her pitch black fur slowly moved along with the wind, and she began to speak.

"Dawn," she said in a quiet voice.  Her eyes narrowed.  "I didn't think that I'd see you in this area anytime soon."

"Neither did I," Dawn replied coldly.  She stood her ground as the she-wolf moved a bit closer.  "I haven't seen you in a long time, Isis."

Isis sighed.  "Too long," she said in a fierce voice.  

Sparrow's eyes widened.  He was sure that he could sense what was about to happen.
He was correct.

Sparrow sighed in frustration as Dawn snarled at Isis.  The smaller she-wolf bared her teeth in response, her body hunched over.  And then, she attacked.
Locked jaw to jaw with Dawn, Isis put her paws on Dawn's shoulders as she struggled to get a hold on her enemy's throat.  Dawn uttered a strangled growl as Isis achieved her goal, but she soon got Isis off of her.  Her wound was not that deep, but dark red blood began to flow from it.  Swiping her paw across Isis' face, she sat back in satisfaction as the black wolf yelped in pain.  

Looking up at her, Isis snarled.  She had a deep cut across the top of her muzzle on her already scarred face, and it was also bleeding.  Not seeming to care about her injury very much anymore, Isis jumped back up and locked her jaws on Dawn's shoulder. 
The fight ended within only a few minutes.  Dawn was bleeding from her shoulder and neck, and she had faint claw marks across her collar bone.  Isis's muzzle was bleeding, not as heavily anymore, though; and her back had a deep wound that was bleeding profusely.  Other than that, the two seemed fine.

Isis snarled at her enemy, and Dawn glared at her in response.  "This was not a smart thing to do," Dawn said.  

Isis narrowed her eyes.  "I would have said the same thing to you," she replied, fuming, and she leaped into the trees.

Turning to her pups, Dawn heaved a sigh.  "That," she replied, "is how you injure a she-wolf."

"Was she from the enemy pack?"

"Yes, Snowflake, she was from the enemy pack," Dawn replied.  "But you shouldn't worry about her - she won't be back now, at least."

And with that, the four continued their journey home. 

The End

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