Chapter Three

Note: These chapters are VERY short in this book.  Chapter four is the longest, I think.  They are uploaded on another website, that's how I got them on here so fast haha.  Sorry for their short-ness.

Sparrow was sitting alone in his den.  He was still shocked about what he had previously been told that night, and the fact that this was probably the last night he would ever stay in this particular den.
     Looking up suddenly, Sparrow was surprised to see Sapphire.  She walked in his den cautiously, as if she was afraid that he would hurt her at any second.  He was from the enemy pack, after all.  
     "Yes?" Sparrow asked her irritably.  He wasn't in the mood to see anyone now.  He didn't even think that anyone would want to see him, considering that Leader had probably told the entire pack that Sparrow was a traitor.  Snarling to himself, Sparrow looked at Sapphire.  She showed no fear in her eyes, although he was sure that she was indeed afraid.
     "I just wanted to say.... I'm going to miss you," Sapphire said quietly.  Sparrow rolled his eyes, but Sapphire didn't see it.  
"Going to miss me?"  Sparrow smirked.  "Hmm," he said.  "Interesting."
     "You're not usually like this," Sapphire said to him, approaching him.  "Really?  Well, I'm sure you'd be more arrogant than you usually are if you were suddenly told that you were being kicked out of your pack in six hours."
    "About that," Sapphire said, "how long do you have until you're leaving?"
    "About three hours, most likely," Sparrow said.  "It's almost sunrise.  Dawn mentioned to me that he wanted me to leave at sunrise."
     "Oh," Sapphire said.  "Well... I'm coming with you."
     "W-what?" Sparrow asked her.  "Oh.  Hah, this is a joke, isn't it?  You're not coming with me at all.  You just want to..."  Not realizing what he was saying, Sparrow sighed and slumped down on the ground.  
     "Sparrow, this isn't a trick.  I'm sick of living here and doing the same old things every day.  Please let me come with you.  I mean, it's not like anyone will notice - I'm not that important around here.  I'm not the best hunter - Rain is," Sapphire said, mentioning one of Dawn's older pups who was a very good hunter, "and it's not like they'll try to stop me."
     "No, they will try to stop you," Sparrow pointed out.  "They think that I'm evil, so they won't want you to go.  They'll think that I might hurt you, or expose you to something bad in my true pack.  They'll never let you go."
     Sapphire sighed.  "I guess you're right," she said.  "But," she said, her voice becoming more confident, "they can't stop me from doing what I want.  It's time for me to move on, to decide my own future."
     Sparrow snorted.  "You're only a year old," he said.  
     "So?  You are too."
     "Yes, but they're banishing me.  They don't care if I die from starvation or something."
     Sapphire growled at him.  "You're so stubborn," she said menacingly at him.
     Sparrow smirked at her.  "And awesome."
     "And annoying."
     "And smart."
     "And even more conceited."
     Sparrow forced out a laugh, although there was no humor in it.  "I am not," he said.  "Anyway, you shouldn't care anyway."
     "Listen to me, Sparrow.  Like I've said about four times, I'm doing what I want to do, alright?"
     "Fine," Sparrow said.  "But that doesn't mean I have to be HAPPY about it." 

The End

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