Chapter Two

Quick Author's Note: Yes, I redid this chapter.  -_- I originally wasn't going to, but I was bored and had nothing else to do, so I did.  Kay?  Thanks for checking this out.

It had been almost a year since Dawn had found Sparrow in the bush, and all was going well.  Dawn had managed to keep the fact that she was not his real mother a secret, as she wanted Sparrow to be treated the same as everyone else in the pack.  
It was a rather cold autumn night.  Sparrow was now sitting alone in the center of his den, which was darkened by the night sky.  Rain was pouring outside, and a chilly wind blew through the cave, making the wolf's black fur ruffle.  Abruptly, Sparrow stood up and yawned, thinking of leaving the cave to get a drink, despite the rain.  But before he could walk very far, Dawn entered the den.
Her fur was drenched with water.  She had a strange glint in her eyes and was hunched over, yet looking up at Sparrow while panting nervously.  
"Hello," Dawn whispered hoarsely, not meeting her son's eyes.  Sparrow's eyes narrowed.  It wasn't like Dawn to just barge into his cave - not like Dawn at all.
"Mother?" Sparrow asked cautiously.  "What do you need?"  Dawn didn't reply at first; she made a faint squeaky noise and looked at the ground.  "Please don't be angry at me for this, Sparrow," she said in a voice so low that Sparrow could barely hear her.  
"Speak louder, mother.  I can barely hear you."
Dawn's eyes closed as she hung her head in regret.  She didn't want this to happen - it just had to.
"Sparrow, Leader made a discovery last night."
Sparrow looked down at his mother, a confused expression on his face.  Lifting a paw and peering down at her, he said, "Discovery?  What did he find?"
Dawn sighed.  "It's not good, Sparrow.  Not good at all."
Continuing softly, Dawn sighed again.  "Leader found out that the place that I rescued you from was in the territory of another wolf pack.  Our enemy wolf pack."
Sparrow frowned.  "Rescued me from?" he asked her flatly.  "You never rescued me from anywhere."
Dawn made a sad expression.  "Yes I did, Sparrow," she said.  "When you were only a few days old, I saw you in the bushes.  You were so helpless, small, and alone - I couldn't just leave you there to die!  I should have told you this sooner, but I didn't want you to feel like an outsider here.  I'm sorry."
Sparrow was shocked.  He couldn't believe that after this long, his mother was finally telling him that he wasn't really hers.
"You have no relation to any of us, Sparrow," Dawn said sadly.  "Snowflake and Sapphire are not your sisters.  Leader is not your father.  I am... not your mother.  Leader is worried that you have the same traits as the other wolves from the enemy pack."
Sparrow frowned.  "What do you mean by... traits?"
"Those wolves are taught to kill.  You were rescued from the north side of our territory.  That is the territory of..." Dawn lowered her voice to a venomous snarl.  "Them."
"What's so bad about them?" Sparrow asked.
"They win every battle that goes on here, and they always cause them," Dawn explained quietly.  "They have the best territory to live in.  They can catch the best prey.  It's not fair, Sparrow.  They teach their pups to hunt at only a few weeks, and make some of them hunters at very young ages as well.  They kill wolf pups from other packs.  Their hearts are black and cold.  I would have never wanted you to be that way, but Leader isn't taking any chances.  You must leave this pack, by sunrise."
"You never taught me anything wrong," Sparrow fumed, now getting a bit angry.  "If you raised me the correct way, why should I leave?"
"Leader knows that you were probably exposed to something vicious that you would have thought was the right thing later on.  There is nothing safe here for our pack anymore.  If this is what Leader wants, Sparrow, you must do it.  His word is law in this pack."
Sparrow frowned down at the floor of his den, unable to say anything.  He was very confused, still.  Why hadn't Dawn told him this before?  Did the rest of the pack know that Dawn had found him and that he was not truly related to any of them?
Asking Dawn the two above questions, Sparrow was worried.  Her response was, "None of the pack members know.  I couldn't tell anyone, Sparrow.  Not even you.  No one would trust you anymore, and you would question why you were here.  I just... I didn't want that."
"Well, what happens if I stay here?" Sparrow questioned.  Dawn sighed, her breathing shaken.
"That is not possible, Sparrow," she answered.  "Leader is forcing you to leave by sunrise.  If you do not, he says that you will be killed." 

The End

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