Blue Moon Wolves Book #1 - Betrayal

A female wolf brings a lone wolf pup into her pack, but discovers that he holds a deadly secret. It's more interesting than it sounds, I swear.

The moon rose high over the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. A cool breeze rustled throughout the trees, making seldom noise. Otherwise, the night was completely silent. There was not a single creature, man nor animal, that was awake in the entire forest area. 

All except for two. 
The grey-and-white she-wolf was being held back from leaving her cave by her mate, who stepped in front of her, growling. 

''Dawn, you are not leaving the pack at this hour,'' the male, who was named Leader, snarled at her. His golden eyes bore into hers, but she was not afraid of him. 
''Leader, there is nothing stopping me,'' Dawn replied cooly to him. Leaving her speachless mate behind, she pushed herself past him and left the clearing. 
Dawn didn't know where she was going. She simply needed some time away from her pack, she assumed. For days she had been experiencing this craving, this... desire to be alone. And now, she was finally getting it.  
Suddenly, Dawn stopped as she heard a rustle in the bushes. Her ears pricking up in interest, Dawn narrowed her eyes and stared at the bush. She smelled a strange scent nearby... a scent of another wolf. Nothing happened. She curiously walked over to the bush, wondering what could be making the noise. Using a paw, she gently pushed the branches back, and gasped. 
Beneath the bush was a tiny wolf pup. A tiny, black, helpless young wolf pup. It sat motionless in the bush as Dawn stared at it. Cautiously looking around, Dawn frowned as she noticed something odd - there was no sign of another wolf or wolves nearby. The place was almost completely deserted. 
The young pup suddenly choked out a small, desperate whine. Dawn's motherly instincts took over, and she lifted the pup up by the scruff of the neck gently. "Sparrow,'' Dawn whispered, a smile peeking out from the pup's black fur which covered her mouth. "I shall call you... Sparrow." 

The End

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