Blue Kight, in training.

Ryuu has a gift. He sees the future. Now he is in training to become one of the king's guards. He constantly sees danger, for those he loves now and in the future. When a great evil arises, Ryuu and his friends must travel far and wide to save their home from destruction.

A cold wind blew from the north; Ryuu pulled his cloak tighter. He stuck his fist into the air. It wore a black leather glove that was obviously well used. A strange creature swooped from the sky and alighted on his fist. A scroll was tied to its back.

" Thankyou, Rane." He muttered untying the scroll. The bird flew down from his fist and landed on the floor, where its shape flickered and changed into that of a young slave boy.

" Rane, you're hurt."

" Its really nothing Ryuu sir." He said quickly. " Just... a pesky spell caster on my way home."

" Rane, come here." He commanded. The boy aproached slowly. Ryuu placed his hand on the boy's forehead and breathed deeply. A flash of blue light lit up the air for a moment then, all darkened once more and Rane's cut was gone.

" Come.  Xaphania is waiting." He paused and finally read the scroll. His expression changed the minute he had finished reading. His hand curled into a fist, crushing the scroll. He threw of hus cloak, revealing his armour, a bluish silver, blue sword sheath slung across his back. The silver of the blade was in his hand as he swiftly traced the runes etched into it. He was in the king's guard no longer. They had gone too far. Xaphania, his love, captured. He swiped away a tear. They had suspected him. They had taken what they knew he valued more than his life.

" Kinsamara! Now!" He yelled. A great sapphire dragon swooped down.

 Ryuu woke from the dream, thirteen once more. What he had seen was in the future. He was only  a student at the guard training school. What he had seen was in the far future, he hoped.

The End

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