Blue? I don't know. I was never good with titles.

So, this is basically about a boy who longs to escape. Much like me. Except, you know, I'm a girl. And he's a little... You should probably just read.

Time stopped. Everything around him started to blur and fade. And then, darkness.

His eyes opened. He was back in the forest again. The sky was red. Blood red. The path in front of him glowed blue and a light at the end blinked a blinding green. He followed it again. He had to. He was addicted.

He stumbled upon this illusion a week ago, after his friend had given him a little pill to “make him feel better”. It did its job, he had to admit. This was the kind of high he would never get tired of. And in this high, he met her. She was everything he’d ever dreamed. Her hair was the color of rainbows and she had a look that promised adventure. She teased him and taunted him with her beauty. She was like a fairy—you knew she was danger, but it was somehow worth the risk. He had to see her again. He had to get to her. She was always at the end of the path, waiting to lead him off into the darkness, waiting for his time.

As he was stumbling his way through the glowing blue path, he met the usual obstacles. All the things he saw in the illusion would normally make no sense, but he found that he had gotten used to it after seeing them a dozen times. On his journey to her, he met goblins and trolls. He had to fight of ogres and wild beasts. He had to tread through treacherous and dangerous lands. He had to do so many ridiculously impossible things to get to her—things so ridiculous and impossible, it almost wasn’t worth finishing. But at the end of that journey was her. And it was his time.  And that was worth anything. The illusion would usually stop when he reached her. She’d dance around for a few seconds, then ‘poof’. But this time, he made sure he took enough to last until he got to her. He reached the end of his path. The blinking green light was from a tree, and beside the tree there was a cottage. And there she was, leaning against the door.

 “Hi, sailor.” She winked at him. His heart stopped. There she was, perfect as always. Even more perfect now, it seemed. “It’s time.” He replied.

                “A little excited, aren’t we?”

                “I’ve been waiting for you for so long. Please, take me. It’s time.”

                “Let’s chat first. What’s your name?”

                He was getting agitated. But he was afraid he might scare her off. So he answered.  “John. My name is John.”

                “John? Doesn’t suit you. I’m calling you… Blue.”


“Yes, Blue. I’m… Grim. Yeah. Grim. That’s a good name. It’s… appropriate, don’t you think?”

                “Yes, it is.” He took a deep breath. “It’s my time. Please, take me.”

                Grim rolled her beautiful black eyes and drummed her fingernails at the cottage’s door.  “So impatient. I’m trying to stall, honey. I don’t think you’re ready for me, to be honest.” She laughed her naughty laugh. It sounded like a chorus of angels.  “I’m extreme. Rawr.”  She clawed at him playfully.

                “I’m ready.” He replied. “You’re all I think about. You’re all I see.  You’re the only one I want.  You’re my only choice. You’re the reason I keep coming back to this place. I know what it means and I know what it takes. I can do it. I promise you. Now please, take me. It’s my time.” He was begging her now. This was it. This was his moment. This was the time he could get her—take her. This was the time he could get what he longed for, what he wanted, what he deserved. This was the time he could get everything.

                Grim straightened up, walked over to him and kissed him. Then she smiled and said “Alright, champ. Walk with me.” She took his hand and led him off to the darkness. This was his high. This was all he needed. This was the end.

                Time stopped. It stopped forever.

The End

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