blue haired love

i began this story but felt it was not i will not be finishing it.

mandy clenched her teeth. her vibrant blue streaks stood out from the it is she wasnt as rich as most of the people there now she could be spotted a mile away.she didnt want any one to notice she was new,she hated the attention.

the bell rang and mandy quickly gathered up her bag and swung it over her shoulder. she ran out of the building, trying not to look rushed.just as she was about to set foot out the door a large crate rolled out in front of her.

"hey, you must be new around her."

mandy lifted her head as she began to reply."yea im......," her heart began ro pound uncontrollably.

"you are," Jake questioned forcing a smile.

mandy couldnt think. she had met jake before.....over the summer. she had just moved in and her family had gone down to the beach. mmandy had never learned to swim before and was being careful not to go further than 5 feet. she was about to head home when her mother called when she fell. she didnt know how or what had made her fall and tried desperatly to reach the surface.

after that her mind went blank all she could rremember was jake carrying her to shore. she felt so embarrased.

" im sandra, i..uh, just moved in with my cousin vicky. i really should get going ."

she looked back up to see if he had believed her little fib and began to head off. she stepped down the steps of the entrance and felt relieved. she looked back over her shoulder one more time to see if jake had left.

when she looked  back he was still there. he was starring off in her direction with a look of confusion.

 mandy told her self to look back. she couldnt help but to stay gazing into his eyes feeling a sense of comfort.


mandy jolted down the path as she heard him call to her.her heart was racing as she so very longed to be held once more in his arms.

The End

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