Retrieving Memories

I can picture their faces in my mind, but I cannot match names to them. They laugh and jeer, taunt and sneer, my blood running down their arms, dripping off of their fingers, every drop hitting the floor with a crash that shakes my entire body. Laughter and blood, laughter and blood, laughter and blood…


“Mornin’, sunshine,” the girl on my left says. “How’re you feelin’?”

I frown, turning my head. I have regained control of my body, or at least most of it. “I’m okay,” I croak, immediately noticing that the tube is gone. I try to recognize the girl sitting next to me, but nothing comes to mind. “Who are you?”

Her smile flickers like a dying lightbulb, and she stares at me in shock. “Ellie, you’re not jokin’, are you?” I shake my head slowly, wincing at the sudden pain because of it. Her positive attitude starts to fade. “I’m Mags,” she answers, pointing at herself with a shaky finger. “I’m your best friend.”

I press my lips together, swallowing painfully. “I’m sorry,” I tell her, my hands shaking on top of the sheets of the bed. “I don’t remember you.”

She bites her lip. “What do you remember?”

I think back, think hard, but all I can see is a red coat and a blue flower. That’s all. “I don’t know.” I concentrate harder. I have to remember. I have to remember. I have to— "I can't do it. I can't remember anything."

Mags looks sympathetically at me. I flinch as the door to the small room opens. A man stands in the doorway, saying, "Mrs. Beaumont, I'm telling you, she squeezed my hand. I know she did." At the sound of his voice, I know he's the one who spoke to me before. The one who tugs at my memories and makes me want to slam my head against the wall because I want to remember so badly who he is.

He comes towards me. "Ellie, sweetheart, how are you?"

"Who are you?" I ask, unable to contain myself.

He looks like he's been slapped. He turns to Mags, not saying a word. A tear slips down her cheek. "She doesn't remember anything," she tells him. "Not even me."

He swallows hard, gazing at me with something lovely I cannot read in his eyes. "Ellie," he says, hopefully starting to answer my question. "I'm your fiancé."

The End

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