Chapter 30

Summer holidays are officially here! Time to relax and take of the load from the year that has just passed us.

Mum and Steve had there wedding at the Skyville Church. It was really cute and traditional. Steve’s work mates were there so was his family. My Grandparents flew over from Ghana. Some of mum’s huge family was there also. My cheeks will never be the same. I managed to get Temptation to play at the wedding but they had to play a slow tempo music because of the not getting any younger majority of people were their, but it turned out that they were fans and no one suffered from a heart attack. Mum looked amazing she was still wearing her old wedding dress but Lily did some tweaking to it to modernize it just a tad. It was an elegant cream color with fewer layers to it. When mum through the bouquet at the reception. I stood clear of the stampede of women wanting a bunch of flowers so badly. Miss Joy one the brutal fight, so next year she will be marring her boyfriend Clark. Mum and Steve (I should really now call him the D.A.D word) have gone on their honeymoon to Barbados.

Chad and I are enjoying our summer for definite. We’ve been spending our summer writing new songs, playing at concerts, meeting up with Lily, Jake and the others having water fights and enjoying movie nights. I am going on holiday with him and his parents to Greece. They say I am like the daughter they never had. It is going to be great. Sun, Sea and a whole lot of love! We are not sharing the same room if you were wondering.

Britney on the other hand is not enjoying her summer. Her father is in prison for fraud and steeling from the community. Her so-called pink lifestyle has turned let just say a tad bit grey.


Everything seems to be great. I have the most amazing talented boyfriend. The coolest best friends for life. A new family and the best thing to top it of my powers are fully back. I can tell when Chad keeps kissing me on the nose.

Next year is going to be amazing!

The End

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