Chapter 29

On Saturday Steve dropped me at Kurt’s house. I bought my DS because I knew I was going to get board. I did get really board I managed to complete an entire game.

“Hey sweetie. Kurt told me you need a makeover so come with me.” Kurt’s mum dragged me into a dark room. I though I was actually going to wet myself. An hour and a half went by. There was no mirror in the room I knew Kurt’s mum was a professional make up artist so I was a good hands. I hope. It was seven thirty when all of us were ready. We came downstairs. Kurt was in the middle and Sam, Lily and I surrounded him. Kurt’s mum was taking pictures. Kurt was wearing a white suit while Sam wore a Red maxi dresses and Lily wore a peach color shift dress. I had hired a limo to drive us the to the town hall. There were a lot of people taking photographs. It was really bright. We walked across the carpet like we were Charlie’s angels. Kurt was Charlie of course. When we got into the hall it was amazing I had to admit we did a pretty good job on it. As we got down the stairs the hall was quite a lot of people but guess who wasn’t there. Britney! Chad was in the corner with his band mates. I was going to go over to him when Sam stopped me.

“Wait till he comes.”

“ Speaking of the devil.” Lily pointed behind me.

“Wow you look amazing.” Chad smiled.

I bit my lip and smiled. Before I could even talk. Darkness entered the room. The lights were on her. She was wearing a bight ugly pink dress and I think it was ten inch heals. The first person she walked over to was Chad.

“Honeykins what are you doing with her we got our crowns to win.” She dragged him away from me. I actually had enough. Then something hit me.

“Faith your powers are back. Your emotions are controlling them. For example look what you just did to Fredrick.” Lily pointed to the soaking wet waiter.

“But I really like him” I wined

“And today because of us you are going to get him.” Sam sneakily smiled.

“Ladies and gentleman can I have you attention now for this years prom king and queen.” Everyone went to the front of the stage as the headmaster got the Crowns. Chad, Britney and a group of other people were on the stage.

“This years winner is… Chad Blackhill and yet again Britney Stoveold” The headmaster sighed. “Now it is time for the Prom King ad Queen dance.” The headmaster quickly said.

I crept over to the table were the drinks were. Not knowing Britney’s minions were behind me hovering a punch bowl. As I turned around a gush of water hit me. When I opened my eyes again a crowed of laughing people were laughing at me. Britney was at the front of the crowed.

“Look what the cat dragged in. Poor little Faith what are you going to do now?” She pouted. I held my tears and ran out. I sat behind the fountain and let the tears fall. It was freezing outside especially when you are wet

“Faith are you ok?” Chad walked over.

“No I am fine I am soaking wet and officially want to kill Britney!” The make up had smudged down my checks.

“Who doesn’t?” Chad covered me with his jacket.

“Its just because I really like you.” Then I released what I said.

“What did you just say?” Chad asked getting closer.

“I really like shoes.” I said quickly

“No you said you like me. Didn’t you?”

“No I didn’t?” My big mouth.

Chad got closer. I could feel his breath on my face. Then his lips touched mine. He actually did it he kissed me. Chad pulled away from me.

“ My lips aren’t poisoned?” Chad asked.

“Nope I am still here.” I felt his hands comb my hair I leaned over and kissed him. His lips were so soft.

“ Faith you know the really important thing I always wanted to tell you. Well I was going to ask you out. Would you like to be my girlfriend?” He was getting nervous.

“There is no need to get nervous of course I will.” I kissed him again.

“Do you want to go to the cinema tomorrow with me like are first date?”

“Yeah.” I smiled.

The End

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