Chapter 28

I kept staying clear of Chad for the rest of the week. When Friday came I plucked up my courage and went to Britney in the canteen. Sam and Lily thought I was mad and tried to make me change my mind but no not this time. I walked over to the table that Britney was sitting at with Chad her minions and so called bodyguards.

“What do you want and haven’t you past the limit of have far you can stay near him” Britney pointed over to Chad.

“ I have had enough of you Britney and you know what I am not scared of your threats no more. Being all Miss Popular is nothing it’s pathetic and degrading. By the way here is a dictionary in case you can’t understand what I am saying.” I handed her over a dictionary. “I am not being cruel I am being even. How many people have you forced to do your homework and paying people to do your exams. Its ridiculous.” Form behind me there was a chorus of agreeing people. Miss Joy, the headmaster and a group of other teachers came into the canteen.

“Faith I would like to see you in my office” The headmaster pointed over to the door. I walked away as I heard a whole bunch of people cheering behind me. I tried not to smile but couldn’t help it. When I got into the Office. Mum was there so was Constable Williams. I took a deep breath before I could take another step.

“Its about Steve he is in trouble. The mall has been taken under hostage and we heard a gun shot before we lost communication with him. When we managed to get in Steve was shot in the side he is in hospital now.” Constable Williams said. Mum drove me to the hospital. When we got into Steve’s cubicle we was up already. I have to admit he was pretty toned for a guy his age. Mum kissed him as I looked away. I gave Steve a huge hug.

“I am so sorry for not talking to you yesterday. Is there anything I could do to make it up for you?” I said.

“One thing. Loosen your grip.” Steve gasped. I let go really quickly. He told me the entire story of what. It was quite fascinating. When we got home. I made dinner. My Faith’s Special. Stir fry and Fruit Salad. I told him everything that happened in school. Steve was extremely impressed with me that he gave me fifty pounds to spend when I go shopping with Sam, Kurt and Lily on Saturday. I felt guilty but Steve said I shouldn’t.

On Saturday the mall was still open but the jewelry shop was closed. We spent ages looking for clothes. Kurt was the one who was dragging us to different shops. When we were in Claire’s I waited outside to get some air. When Chad walked over to me. My legs were like jelly.

“Hi” Chad said as I dropped my bag. I bent down to pick it up Chad helped me. I got up really quickly but our heads both collided.

“Ow!” We both said at the same time.

“Do you want to grab a milkshake?” Chad asked after we quickly recovered.

 I could see the guys pressed themselves on the window and were putting their thumbs up.

“OK” I said with a smile.

I got a vanilla chocolate chip milkshake while Chad got a Chocolate orange.

“ I saw you on MTV last night. You were amazing. Was that a the song I wrote for you?” I asked.

“ Yeah.” Chad said  

I almost spat out my milkshake instead I swallowed it and it felt hard as it went down my throat.

“Thank you,” I said so stupidly.

Chad changed the subject before I said something really stupid again.

“I broke up with Britney once and for all. So can’t black mail me anymore because my Dad has been elected Mayor.”

“That’s fantastic!” I gleamed.

“ Faith I have something really important to tell you” Please tell me that there wont be any interruptions! I spoke to soon.

“Hey Chad you got to come over we got to play downstairs in five minutes.” Jake Said.

“I better go.” Chad sighed. “Come down and see us wont you?”

“Defiantly” I smiled. When he was out of sight. I start to pound my head on the table. When I looked up again. Lily, Sam and Kurt were there.

“ This is the forth time this has happened. I have officially given up.” I moaned.

“ Don’t give up.” Lily said

“Lets see what song they are singing.” Sam dragged us downstairs. We were standing at the back of the crowed of mostly girls. Chad took the mic while the other members of the band got ready.

“Hello Skyville!” I roar of girls starting to scream.

“OK this song we are going to sing is our new song called Faith.”

I froze. The song its for me. I thought I was going to pass out. The lyrics were so meaningful. When the song ended I heard my name being shouted. It was Lily.

“Faith were are you!” She shouted amongst the screaming fans.

“ I am right in front of you!” I shouted back.

“ No you are not!” Sam said.

“Your on my foot” I said.

“Faith right now I want you to close you eyes and touch my hand.” Lily said quietly.

I touch her hand and I felt something go over my head. When I opened my eyes again everything was pitch black. Then I heard on the count of three.

The light was so blinding.

“She isn’t there” I heard Kurt say.

“ I am right in front of you. Wants wrong?”  I laughed hesitantly.

“Faith your powers have come back you are invisible. Right now do not get hysterical.” Lily said calmly.

“Oh my God! That’s awesome!” I slowly became visible.

“Hey! How did you find the song” I spun around to see it was Chad.

I tried to say something but my mouth was completely dry.

“She is speechless because the song meant so much to her.” Lily said for me quickly. I nodded really dumbly.

“That’s great! I see you at school on Monday,” There was an awkward silence before he kissed me on the cheek. When he left. I thought that I was actually going to pass out.

“Pinch me I must be dreaming.” I sighed

Sam pinched me.

“I was just joking!” I said.

Sam shrugged her shoulders.

“ That guy seriously like you. You need to wow him at the prom and I know the shop you can get the best dress.” Kurt yanked my arm and dragged me into a shop. Sam and Lily followed. We must of spent ages looking for the perfect dress for me until we hit the jackpot. It was a purple flowing dress with lilies the flower type around the hem.

“This is perfect now you guys remember to come to my house on Saturday at four to get ready.” Kurt bragged on.

When I got home I showed mum the dress. Then begged her to let me go to get ready at Kurt’s house. She wasn’t buying it because he was a boy. I convince her buy saying he is an honoree girl and his mum is going to be there. She defiantly bought it. Fort the rest of the week at school I was helping after school with the decorating of the town hall into the glamorous. Chad was helping and I could see that Britney didn’t like it at all.

The End

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