Chapter 27

When I opened my eyes again I was in a white place. For sure I was dead. I tried to get up but I couldn’t move all I could do was blink.

“She’s awake.” I heard someone say softly. Then I saw my mums face.

“Hey baby.” She whispered a tear fell on my cheek.

Steve appeared.

“You have been in a coma for the past month and a half.”

That long I thought then I remembered the battle of the Bands it must have been two weeks ago.

As I managed to recover I could speak eat and move around and walk up and down in the corridors, but the only thing I couldn’t do was use my powers. When Chad and his band came and visit I was so happy to hear what happened at the battle of the bands. When they came in I was so lucky I was wearing my morning gown.

“Your alive!” Doug said.

I laughed.

“ How have you been?” Chad asked.

“ Never been better.” I smiled.

We had a great catch up.

“ How was the battle of the bands?” I asked.

“ Well. It was great we were in the top two but we came second to the Regurgitation.” Jake sighed.

“ That horrible band that smell like sick and sing sick. You stilled amazing and I bet you some top song artist is going to call you soon.”

When my nurse came in to check on me. The other band members rushed of to try and get her number. It was left with Chad and me.

“ So I heard you risked your on life to save mine.” Chad said as I blushed “ Also I read the letter you left for me.” Your mum gave it to me while you were in a coma. Did you really mean all the things you meant?”

“Well it is a really long story!” I got tangled up in my words.

Chad leaned towards me he was getting warmer. I could see that my heart rate was getting higher and higher. Chloe my nurse came in.

“Can I stay here for a while? Those boys are kind of weird. Carry on with anything you were doing.”

“ I’d better go and calm the guys down. I will see you tomorrow!” Chad smiled.

I felt like sinking into the bed.

“Did I interrupt in anything? I am really sorry” Chloe said.

“ No it’s fine.” I said.

Chad visited me almost everyday. Mum came so did Steve and Lily. I have to admit I was missing my powers a lot it made me feel empty. I tried everything. Even trying to phase through a wall but all that happened is that I got a big bruise on my head.

Two weeks later I was allowed to leave the hospital. They said that I have healed so fast. They were astonished. Going back to school after two months was really weird. It felt like everything has changed. It really hasn’t but everyone is getting prepared for the summer holidays and the end of year prom. I had to wear a tubi grip on my right arm because I sprained it while I was trying to phase through the wall. Lily picked me up from my house. Steve wanted to drive us to School but I told him its OK and if there are any problems I will call him. Sam and Kurt were waiting by the tree in front of the school.

“Wow! The ghost is walking.” Sam laughed.

“Alive and well” I smiled.

“ How come you didn’t get any publicity? Come you just save the world for peak sake.” Kurt asked.

“I didn’t want to get any publicity. There was no point and anyway I have lost my powers. So I am back to being on the news and all.” I said.

“Anyway you know the prom is in two weeks. I can’t wait!” Lily squealed.

We carried on gossiping about all the changes in the school and in Tow Square. Apparently because it was so badly wreaked  they have transformed it into an amazing water fountain and built new houses and shops around it. Not to forget about the Mayor he was forced to resign and now he has become a cleaner in the school but he still has his amazing house at the top of the hill. At lunchtime, Lily, Kurt, Sam and I sat by the Oak tree not needing to worry about Britney and her little crew. Chad and Jake came over.

“Hey!” I was beaming when Chad came over.

“Hey. Faith do you know why that Temptation are going to play live on MTV?” Chad asked.

“ Let just say I know people. Steve was escorting the one and only Red One to Trafalgar Square for the MTV awards. Red One fell in love with your song on the Battle of The Bands and wanted you to play on MTV. Luckily Steve had your number and gave it to him. I hope that was OK?”  I told him.

“You actually did that for us. That’s amazing. Thanks so much.” Chad gave ne a huge hug. Then form behind someone Coughed. It was Britney.

“ So I here you haven’t got your powers anymore!” Britney Said. “And for you information he is still my boyfriend!” Britney shouted.

A crowed of people gathered around. Chad let go of me.

“ For you information he has an name, and is it true that your dad is the new cleaner.” I smiled.

Everyone started to whisper and laugh at Britney. Britney came forward. I stupidly put my sprained arm forward. She grabbed it and held it tighter and tighter till I was on the ground begging on the ground.

“While you were in a coma I did some working out.” She turned to everyone else “ SO no one form now on mess with me or I swear I will hurt you” She spat while squashing my arm.

“ Britney please stop your hurting me” I begged.

“ No not until you say you will stay a meter away from my boyfriend!” She shouted.

“No I have my rights and he isn’t your property.” I managed to say while I heard my bones click.

“Let her go!” I heard a roar from behind the crowed. “ Britney my office now!” It was the Headmaster.

She let go of me and her minions followed her to the headmaster office. Chad kneeled by me while I was trying to find the life in my arm.

“Are you OK?” He asked.

“ I will be fine, but stay away form me from now on. I can’t take the risk anymore. I walked away as I cradled my soon to be broken arm. While the nurse put a dressing on the bruises she told me its Ok it still badly sprained no broken bones. Steve picked me up from the Hospital. I kept quiet throughout the entire journey. Steve tried to talk to me but I didn’t co-operate. When we got home I stormed into the house and ran upstairs.

“Young Lady come downstairs right now! I just want to talk to you!” Steve shouted.

“Leave me alone!” I slammed my bedroom door shut. I jumped on to my bed and started to scream in my pillow. Not because I landed on my bad arm but because of Britney. She is such a… I am so angry. I hate he. I hate Chad. I just want to be left alone.

Hours went by. My pillow was soaked with tears. As smell accumulated my room it was a good smell. I knew mum was home she was cooking something good. I tried so hard not to give into the temptation but I was dragged downstairs by the smell. I stayed clear of Steve because I thought he was still really angry with me. Mum hand made Vegetable soup. I sat on the table and ate quietly.

“ Do you want to tell me what happened?” Mum asked.

I slowly pulled down the tubi grip and showed her the bruises. Even Steve dropped his spoon in his soup. My arm looked like a zebra skin.

“ I got a call from school and they said Britney has been suspended. You are safe now.” Mum tried to pamper.

“No I am not safe its like a prison every time she is around me! I don’t want to go back. I want to move school.” I could see the ripples in the soup. I was crying.

“ No you are not moving. You got to face your fears. I have got to go I am doing a night patrol. This conversation is not over.” Steve picked his Jacket and left.

“He is pretty upset you know. At work one of his close friends is in hospital after a shot out at the bank.” Mum said while we were watching TV.

I felt so guilty. After we finished watching CSI I went upstairs and wrote Steve an apology letter. I put it on his pillow before I went to bed. On Friday Britney will be back and I am going to face my fears. 

The End

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