Chapter 26

As I walked to words the boulder I could see it was heating up. I shield my eyes when the rock exploded.

“ That’s it no more Mr. nice guy!” Darious spat.

“Who said you was nice in the first place?” I asked.

His fingers turned into to vines and he grabbed Chad, Lily and my Mum

“So you can only save one of the who is it going to be? Your best friend or your dear kind of hot mother or your one true love. What’s is it going to be?”

From behind I saw Steve with a chainsaw. Running towards the left vine where Darious had mum. With in a few seconds the vine scrunched up back into a hand and it was lying on the floor. Steve carried mum to safety as I helped Chad and Lily get to safety before I was drag back to the fight seen. His arm was bleeding and it wasn’t turning into a new hand. He was defiantly getting weaker. He lunched at me ad started to hit me with everything he’s got. I dodged every single one with out even breaking into a sweat.

“ You can’t win Darious this has to end.” I shouted.

“Never say never” Darious hit me with a powerful tidal wave. I landed on top of Britney’s Limo. I got to get up got to get up. I kept repeating to myself but before I could vines wrapped around my body.

“ Its over for you!” Darious weakly laughed.

“ Its over for you!” A crowed of people with rocks and pieces of metal were standing behind Darious. Chad was leading them. He hit Darious right in the ribs with a golf club. Everyone else started to chuck objects at him at Darious

“ Attack!” Darious minions attacked the innocent people. I couldn’t bear it. Darious grabbed Chad by the throat and flew upwards. Steve ripped me free but before I could say thank you. A creepy grabbed him. I raised my hand and threw the creepy into a tree. With a gush of wind I flew upwards to Darious.

“Well! This is awkward shouldn’t the girl be the damsel in distress” Darious laughed.

“Let him go. Now!” I shouted.

“ If you insist.” Darious let go of Chad. I heard his yell. I tried so hard to grab the falling Chad but he hit the ground wit a thud. As I lay beside him I tried to find a pulse but there was nothing. I couldn’t take it anymore the fighting had to stop.

“Enough!” I screeched. Darious was back on the ground by now. I turned towards him. The minions stopped fighting and everyone else had drop there weapons

“Look what you have done Darious are you happy now. An innocent person has died because of you and you want billions of others to suffer? What monster are you?” The tears so hot pouring down my cheek. I could feel something wanted to come out. And it did. I was glowing so bright that the Minions disappeared and everyone else was shielding their eyes.

“This is for my Mum” a power surge hit Darious he started to expand. I kept hitting him with power surges.

“This is for Lily, Steve everyone in Skyville and not to forget Chad!”

There was a loud scream and Darious was no more.

 I took my time to get my breath back before for I stumbled over towards Chad. His parents my parents Lily and lots of the towns people were standing around him. I looked at the ruins of the town’s square. I looked back at Chad I knew what I had to do. I laid my hand on his heart and I could feel he was getting warm but I was getting weaker. I’m sacrificing my own life to save my Crush. I hit the ground next to him with a little thud. I smiled before I closed my eyes. 

The End

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