Chapter 25

While I was dead. I was in a dark place. Wondering around trying to figure out where I was. I looked at my hands. They were tiny so were my feet. I was wearing a toddler dress. I rushed over to a puddle. I looked inside it and my reflection was me, but when I was two. From behind me I heard lots of tiny feet. I looked behind me and a tidal wave of spiders was coming towards me. I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me.  I ran straight into a wall. I fell and started to cry. I rolled my self into a ball before the spiders hit me. Then I heard a familiar voice. No it can’t be. My dad!

“ Its ok baby. There’s nothing hear.” He said.

“But… but … your” I stammered.

“ So are you. But that’s going to change.” He picked me up.

I missed his soothing heartbeat. When he put me down Auntie May was around me so was, Auntie Miranda and Uncle Chris.

Auntie Miranda looked so beautiful she was wearing a blue dress with a butterfly in her hair.

“There is one thing that can stop Darious and that is you.” Auntie May said

“ The prophecy for tell us that a Child can bear all the elements until their power settles.” Uncle Chris said.

“Your main power is still is Water but you can still juggle with the others.” Auntie Miranda says as she stroked my hair.

“ You have to go back your life isn’t over but has just started.” Dad says.

“Will I ever see you again” I began to cry.

“In your dreams and in here.” Auntie Miranda touched my heart.

I woke up lying on the surface. I was at home. As I got on to my feet. I had no rips, cuts or bruises. A hoddie feel on the floor. I smelt it. It was Chad’s. I put is on and put the hood up. I ran to the town hall. I heard Darious pathetic little speech and new now I can do it.

The End

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