Chapter 24


She lay there still as brick not moving. Darious had sucked her powers. I say everything behind the tree. I couldn’t even say that I loved her so much. When Darious left I walked towards her and knelt beside her. I tried to look for a pulse but nothing. I couldn’t help but hold her in my arms and cry. She always bought a smile to my face when she looked at me. Britney ruins everything for me. I used to like Britney but she ended up being evil and so is her father. He is no mayor but a crook my dad was going to be mayor until Britney’s dad spite his drink and my Dad went to jail for taking drugs. It ruined his life forever. Faith was the only person who could make me laugh and make me feel good about myself. When I kissed her on Christmas day I thought my lips were poisonous. Normally girls would kill to get a kiss from me. I maybe all popular and all at school but it means nothing to me. There’s a huge cue of girls who would do anything just to get a kiss from me, but I’m no player. All the other popular boys apart from my mates in the band just want to say yeah I did it with that girl buts its horrible to do that. Girls are not objects but people who have feelings. Its was getting darker I had to get Faith out of her. I picked her up she was as light as feather but drooped like a wilting flower. I knew a short cut to her house. Its not like I stalk her… ok for the past week I been trying to pluck up the courage and tell her, but every time I get to her window I chicken out and run away. It took me ten minutes to get to Faith’s garden. I knocked on the windowpane staying out of sight from the creepy creatures. Steve opened the door. He dropped his torch. I heard Faiths mum who is it. Steve took faith from my arms and nodded at me. I walked towards the living room. Her mum beamed at me. Lily and My family were there as well.

“ Is she her did she do it.” She asked

I couldn’t break it to her. I could feel that I was swelling up with tears. I clenched my fists to hold them back. Steve came in the room carrying Faith.

“ No! Tell me she is sleeping! Please tell me. My only child!” Faiths mum passed out on to the chair. Steve laid faith on the other sofa. Lily rushed over to me while Lily’s mum and dad nursed Faiths mum.

“This can’t be. Our only hope gone and my best friend!” Lily ran into my arms and cried.

“I couldn’t do anything but watch.” I said feeling hopeless.

“ There was nothing you could do. Its ok” Steve said holding the crying mother in his arms. From outside there was a really loud noise.

“ He must be communicating with the little freaks,” Steve said clenching his fist.

I went over to Faith and kissed her on the forehead then I took of my hoddie and covered Faith with it. From outside a group of the little freaks came through the wall. We all got up Steve held Faiths trembling mother. We followed them to outside the town hall. On the way we could see people trying to attack the creeps but it was no use. When we got the town hall I overheard people saying

“Where’s Faith?”

Faiths mum couldn’t stop crying. All I could do was watch.

“Its ok son we will get through this” My dad gave a week smile. From the speakers a booming voice came from it.

“ Ladies and Gentlemen may I present your new leader.” The mayor said. No one clapped. I swore I saw a tumbleweed go by.

“ Ah the people our so silent. I know that they are all happy for me. Now you know I am Darious and I am hear to concur the world! No one can save you. Your little protector Faith is D-E-A-D.” Everyone gasped. “ Now this will be a simple process. Join me and I wont torture you as much. If you do not cooperate with me I will kill you and your family. Simple” Everyone started to talk amongst them selves.

“ Take my family I don’t care about these worthless human being. I could show you the easiest way to take over the world,” The mayor said. Everyone was shocked and angry. What an evil little man!

“Clever man of course you can help me. Anyone else want to join me? Not to forget is there any questions?”

There was silence and then from the back of the crowed someone asked a question.

“Yeah. I have a question for you. How are you going to keep up with technology?” The person walked towards the front of the stage. The face was covered but I recognized the hoddie. It was mine!

“That’s simple destroy it.” Darious laughed.

“How can you when I’m going to stop you!” The person removed the hood and it was Faith. She is alive! All the cuts and bruises were gone and her clothes weren’t ripped.

“ But how! I killed you!” Darious stammered.

“ You forgot one thing. I’m a kid and my powers haven’t fully developed yet.” Faith smiled and walked closer and closer. He started to throw fireballs and bits of earth and water at her. The crowed of people scattered so did the little creeps. Nothing was hurting her. Then he blew a huge gust of wind ripping trees from its roots, but nothing stopped her.

“Its over Darious! You can’t win and do you want to know why. I’m a child and I can learn all the elements of the sprits!"

A huge fireball hit Darious then a tidal wave and lastly a huge boulder.

The End

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