Chapter 23

I awoke with mum stoking my hair. She had also been crying.

“Get ready.” She managed to say between the sniffs. I couldn’t help but cry in her arms. We had a fifteen-minute tear fest before Steve came in looking all manly. He picked me up from my bed and from his hand appeared a charm shaped of a butterfly.

“Its beautiful” I gasped

“Your mum and I got you a good luck charm. I better go before I start my very own waterfall in your room” Steve said as he helped mum out of the room. I got changed really slowly admiring the pictures on my wall. Old friends, new friends and very random pictures. I got my act together and neatly laid the teddy bear filled with the envelopes on my bed. I wasn’t really hungry when I got down stairs but mum made me eat an orange. It was about eight o’clock in the morning the sun was shining birds tweeting but something deadly was lurking beneath ready to attack its unexpected victims. I spent about three hours looking through albums watching the time tick bye. As I left home. All I said to myself I will be back.

I had my torch ready or the blackout. I knew it was less than an hour till the fate of the world was going to be in my hand. Me as small almost average fifteen year old. And most of the world doesn’t even know it.

I sat on the swing waiting and thinking about what is fate going to make of me. From behind a heard a familiar voice.

“I knew I would find you hear.” Chad said as he walked over.

“It’s a nice place when there is no one around” I sighed as I swung my self up and down on the swing. “ You shouldn’t be here things are going to get dangerous.” I said as I looked up.

“ I know but there is something important I really need to tell you” Chad looked nervous.

Even before he could speak there was a huge roar of lightning and clouds started to thicken in the sky. I could feel a warm sensation on my hand. I was holding Chad’s hand. We looked at each other and started blushing.

“ You got to get to safety.” I said quickly

“No I am not leaving you with this mad man!” Chad shouted he was holding back his tears. I kissed him on the cheek.

“ I know you don’t want to. So stay behind those bunch of trees over there while I go and talk to Darious” I said calmly.

He nodded and ran behind them. I walked over to football courts searching my surroundings for Darious.

“ So this is the child water spirit. This is pathetic” A sarcastic laugh came from behind me.

I spun around and before me was a really tall man about six foot. He was wearing a black robe and black trousers and a lose black top. Not to forget rusty sandals. His dark eyes were like a black hole and he had a scar on his face covering his left cheek. He looked like he was in his forties but he is over a thousand years old.

“We need to talk. I don’t want to fight you but if I have to I will” I shouted sternly

“ So you want to negotiate before I take over the world, but right now my minions are in place to take over your town than the world.” He let out a hideous evil laugh.

“ I have three questions for you. Why did you ruin my first kiss? How are you going to keep up with technology, and lastly why do you want to take over the world.” I asked

“ Your first kiss huh well I am glad I ruined it. Technology wont last long while I am here I will bring the world back to the dark ages and rule over it. You don’t know who it feels to be hated by everyone because of my powers I cant do good with my powers so lets start the evil streak in the family.” Darious said. “ Now I am finished with the talking I have a world waiting for me”

Darious sprayed fire out of his hands towards me. I did a backfill and sprayed water to put out the fire. I started to cough because of the smoke. I breathed in really deeply but before I could look up again a swarm of flies hit me.

“There is no point fighting so give up now!” Darious laugh.

“Never!” I shouted and then from a round me a tidal wave swept all the flies and hit As Darious stumbled to the ground I walked over really week. I had used too much power and my head was spinning like a merry go round. He lay there still. I couldn’t defeat him just like that. Something is defiantly not right. I collapsed to the ground then I saw Darious eyes open fast. I tried to crawl away but roots from the ground wrapped around my legs and started to lift me up. I was trying to hold the ground but it was no use. The roots started to wrap my hands I tried to wiggle free but every time I tried it got tighter and tighter until it got to my neck.

“ This is far to easy,” Darious laughed.

“ I cant breath,” I gasped for breath.

“What did you say? Was that tighter well ok!” I could feel my lungs collapsing.

“ Let go of me” I managed to say with my last few breaths.

“ If you say so” Darious smirked.

He threw me towards the trees my inhaler dropped out of my pocket. My face was dripping with blood. I was having an asthma attack. I crawled slowly pulling the earth towards me. I felt pressure on my back. Darious grabbed my inhaler.

“ Looking for this?” Darious asked

“ Please… give… it… to… me” I could feel I was getting weaker and weaker. Darious kicked me onto my back. My eyelids started to give way. I could see my life passing by all the best moments. The last thing I saw was everyone I cared about then a hand sucking my life away.

The End

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