Chapter 21

On Monday we had the emergency meeting at the town hall. I was waiting backstage listening to everyone talking very loudly. We told everyone that it was an emergency and everyone should come. It was defiantly a full house

“ Can I have Silence now please” I heard the mayor says.

A chorus of hush blew across the room.

“ Today I have with me is Policeman Steve Stewart talking about some very shocking discovery. Steve can you come up please.”

As Steve started to talk I peeked through to see how many people there were. The seats were full and people were standing around.

“Now I will bring to the stage Faith she will explain more.” Steve said.

 I heard a chorus of whispering. As I stumbled across the stage. I kept looking at the ground until I bumped into Steve. I looked up at him as he grinned at me. I smiled weakly. I went over to the to the mic and cleared my throat.

“ Ladies and gentlemen. My name is Faith firestone. I am here today with some disturbing news and it will defiantly put this town and the world in jeopardy.” I managed to spit out. “ I showed them a mini clip of the mini tidal wave from the eruption. Then I showed them the crack on the seabed floor.

“ A creature so evil is going to erupting from that crack on the sea bed floor. When that creature erupts it will have thousands maybe even millions of little creatures which will come and destroy the earth and Skyville is its first stop.”

“Why should we listen to a little kid like you? You are probably lying” Mr. Stovall burst out saying. A chorus of agreeing people starting to leave.

“ This is pathetic” I overheard someone saying.

I knew know I had to reveal my secret. I raised my hand up and a huge surge of water roared from behind me. Everyone gasped turned around and stopped in their tracks.

“ I didn’t want it to come to this but if you don’t listen to me now. For sure your house and your family will regret this. Now sit down and listen to me now!” I shouted.

Everyone shot to the nearest seat like obeying dogs.

“Now everyone is listing to me,” I laughed. Feeling much more comfortable

“Now what I was saying basically. This creature is looking for me I am the only person left who can stop him. I wouldn’t be if my uncle Chris didn’t die in a freak accident. “Now what I want you to do all is to prepare fore the worse. Lots of property will be destroyed. So start packing all your most desired and things you want to keep safe and keep belongings and put it in a safe place. The sun will be blocked out so everyone needs torches they also stun the little creatures. Disaster kit will be supplied at the mall with all the essentials like food and first aid kit. Now are there any questions?”

One hand appeared from the crowed of people.

“ Can you stop Darious?” The little girl in a red winter jacket asked.

I swallowed hard. I managed to say. “ I hope so.”

I was sitting on the swing dreading D-day

“ What’s up?” I heard a voice from behind me

“What if I can’t defeat Darious what if my powers aren’t strong enough?” I could feel a tear forming in my eyes.

“ Hey its OK. You got to believe that you can do it. This guy is over a thousand years old. He will defiantly lose.” Chad tried to cheer me up.

“ Not if hasn’t age at all because he is in a weird dimension place. Everyone’s is counting on me.” Tears slowly streaming down my cheeks.

“ You may say yours is important but I have an entire band and lots of other people counting on me to lead the band into victory.” Chad then did a really funny pose imitating a Hercules pose. It made me laugh. My eyes started to twinkle in the sun.

“Faith I have something to say” Chad Looked me in the eyes as I got up. Butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. The moment was ruined when Britney’s voice comes shrieking from the other side of the park. We both sigh at the same time.

“ So is this what you are trying to do to me. The town is under threat and you are being all cute with my boyfriend!” She shrieks he minions follow her side by side.

“Actually it is ex for the hundredth” Chad sighs.

“ So now you got these really cool powers you think you can take everything from me. Well it’s not fair” Britney started to have a tantrum. Her heals got stuck and she fell straight into a puddle. I tried to maintain my self from not laughing but it came out so loud. Chad was laughing as well while Britney’s minions pulled out the soaking Britney.

“ I hate you” Britney stumbled off to her limo.

“ I better go I got to help my mum with some stuff back home?” I said after I stopped having my laughing fit.

“ Same” Chad said really quickly as he walked of smiling.

“I had the strange feeling he wanted to tell me something but what was it.

As the town were preparing for the worse. School unfortunately did carry on but finished earlier so we could heel are parents. Everyone was treating me differently asking me to show them my powers and come over to their house. I didn’t want to lose the couple of days I had left with my best friends so I declined all there offers of going to their house. What was really bugging me was Chad what did he want to say to me when we were at the park. I missed the opportunity because of Britney so for my sweet revenge. Lets just say she really doesn’t want to open her locker at school because things can get really wet around there.

The End

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