Chapter 20

Saturday came. Steve dragged me out of bed I was clawing on my pillow but knew that in the long run it will be worth it. Last night Steve helped me pack all the essentials. Like flash torches, water, first aid kit and other stuff. It was too dangerous to bring K so I left him in my room. When I got downstairs mum was pretty much asleep so. I quickly made breakfast before Steve tried to make another one of his smelly curry, which would stink, up the whole town. When we got to the car Chad was waiting there. I went over to Lily’s house I was going to ring the bell but it would wake up her parents. I went round to outside of her window and threw a stone at it. It didn’t work so maybe a nice shower will wake her up. I slowly lifted up the water from the water tank and sprinkled it through her window. That defiantly woke her up. After fifteen minutes of waiting for her. She came out not looking very happy.

“When I want a shower in bed I will tell.” She squeezed her hair.

I tried so hard not to laugh. Throughout the entire car journey I couldn’t help smiling. Lily knew while I was smiling and kept on kicking me while I was sitting next to her at the back of the car. When we got there it took me some time to get use to the cramp in my leg from the kicking fight I had with a grumpy Lily. I had to lead the way because I knew here we were going which was pretty embarrassing. When we got there. All you could pretty much see was a huge cave blocked by a rock cowering the entrance. The rock had a lot of symbols on it.

“What are we suppose to do now then.” Lily said

I wiped my hand across the symbols. It was like thunder. I jerked back as from the rummage of the rock an entrance opened.

“What an entrance!” Steve gasped

“Whoa geography isn’t such a bad subject after all” Chad smirked.

“ Come on” I walked through the entrance as Steve Lily and Chad followed me. As we flicked on our wind up torches’ from around as we could see lots of crystals in different colors. It was like walking through an icicle palace.

“ Can you here something” Lily stopped in her tracks

“ It sounds like wind,” before Steve could finish his sentence a gush of wind hit us like a brick wall.

“Grab on to something” Chad shouted. I lunched out onto the nearest rock and held on to it for dear life. As we were holding on to dear life Lily started to shriek.

“ I am slipping. I can’t hold on!” As she let go I grabbed her hand. I was being stretched like two toddlers fighting over a doll. She was slipping away.

“ Think you are heavy. It will keep you from flying away” I shouted.

“ You calling me fat!” Lily yelled.

“ No I am trying to save our lives.” I yelled

All of a sudden the wind stopped. When we got back onto our feet again Lily burst out saying.

“ You gave me a cold shower in PJs this morning, dragged me out of bed so early to a cave we are trapped in and now you are calling me fat. What kind of friend are you Faith?”

“ Well I am sorry to dragging you here and anyway you didn’t have to come you wanted to come and I didn’t call you fat!” I was about to attack her when Steve grabbed me before I did something I would regret.

“Calm down girls. Its Ok we will get out of her as soon as we can”

“ Its not Ok she has dragged us to our doom and all she can do is call me fat!” Lily shouted

“If you think about it she said you are a bit light and she did safe your life” Chad trying to resolve the situation.

“ Now everyone is ganging up on me!” Lily ran off into the distance.

“I better go after her.” Chad said as he ran after her.

“Faith you were a bit harsh on her don’t you think?” Steve said calmly.

“ I am sorry I didn’t mean to its just that to many things are getting to me at the very moment of time. I don’t want to lose her as a friend.” Tears started to roll down my cheek.

“ What’s happening you can tell me?” Steve said soothingly wiping my eyes. I too a deep breath then said.

“Darious is one of them and I have a crush on this guy and I am being blackmailed by his ex of the seventh time and it making it hard for me to concentrate on anything.”

“Chad likes you more then anything and you don’t need to worry there are lots of people who are here for you.” Steve said.

“ You say what now! I didn’t say his name.” I gasped.

“ Its really obvious you like him,” Steve laughed.

Before I could say anything else there was a huge piercing scream.

“That lily something is wrong!” I shouted and ran of to the direction of the scream while Steve was gathering the bags.

When I got into the clearing a saw a huge plant creature with its roots sprouting out of the earth and in two of them was holding Chad and Lily.

“Chad, Lily!” I shouted. Before I could move the sprout of the plant looked and screeched it was worst than Lily’s. I could hear the faint muffles of Chad and Lily but I couldn’t help them now I was to busy dodging its roots and vines. It has to have a weakness I thought to myself. I had lost my concentration and tripped over a root. I skidded across the ground like an airplane landing. I felt something crawl up my left leg I tried to kick it of but its grip got tighter then it pulled me I was scratching the surface to get some grip but it was no use. In a split second I was dangling in the air. I was holding onto my jacket from it to stop coming up to my face. I was getting really dizzy from the blood that was gushing to my brain. As I was holding onto my jacket I felt something hard. It was the pepper spray. I dangled from left to right like I was on a swing. I quickly screwed of the top of the spray and closed it with my thumb from stopping it from leaking. I felt that I was being lowered when I looked down I saw the huge stinky moldy hole for a mouth of the creature.

“Swallow this,” I said as I poured the pepper spray into the mouth of the beast. There was silence then a screech of pain from the beast as it started to shrivel away. As we slowly reached the ground. I ran to Lily’s cocoon type prison in a wavy line and ripped the vines from her. All I did next was hug her.

“ I am sorry for everything I did. I don’t wasn’t to lose my best friend” I said.

“ Loosen your grip!” Lily gasped

“Opps! Sorry.” I let go from my bear hug.

“ I was out of order earlier. I am sorry to. BFs?” Lily asked

“For Life” I said.

“Guys I kind of need some help” Chad was tangled in roots and vines.

Lily and I laughed and went over to help him.

“What did I miss” Steve came over straggling with the bags.

“ Not much just a huge ugly plant creature that tried to eat us and not to forget Faith and I made up” Lily said.

“ Oh well anyway would you like to take your bags so we can carry on” Steve panted.

As we walked on it got hotter and hotter and it was not because Chad was near.

As we took of a layer of clothing Chad’s top rolled up. His toned body made me melts like I was a chocolate in a saucepan. Lily nudged me so I would stop drooling. As we got to another clearing. I gush of hot air went into our faces. As we looked down a pool of lava swirled around at the bottom.

“Pretty lava” I said dazed at the lava swirling around.

“ You are a demented child aren’t you” Lily said to a hypnotized me.

I nodded

“ Can’t help it” I made a weird face.

“ It looks like we have to go round it” Steve said pointing to a tin rocky path.

“ Is it a bad time to say I have a fear of lava and fire.” Chad said shakily.

How could a guy so hot be scared of fire? He puts my heart on fire every time I see him

“ You can hold my hand if you really want to” I kidded.

“ Thanks” He said and held my hand.

I gave Lily the look of OMG he is holding my hand look. As we slide across the thin path wit our backs crushed towards the wall I could feel that Chad’s hand was getting sweaty.

“ Don’t think about it. Think about happy things and look up and not to forget to keep on sliding.” When we got to the end I said, “ That wasn’t that hard. You did great” He gave a week smile.

As we carried on walking it got cooler. All of a sudden it was like surround sound.

“Who is having a bath?” Lily asked

From round the corner a gush of roaring water came in at full speed.

“ Take cover,” I shouted. I thrust my hands out and the water stopped in its tracks. I raised my hands up and widen my arms. The water shed like it was the water separating the red sea.

“ That it way cool” Chad said.

 I blushed. Lily had walked on then she shouted.

“ You really want to see this. As I walked over there was a beautiful room looking at us. Crystals were everywhere. Trees blooming a soft wind blowing through my hair and a pond full of crystal clear water. I walked towards the water dazed of my surroundings. I lay beside the water. Making patterns with my hand. Then I felt the urge to go inside it. It was like I was hypnotized. I kept on walking straight towards the middle. The water swallowed me in. I must have been gone for an hour when I finally reached the surface.

“ Where have you been? I was getting worried.” Steve said

“ There is work to be done we need an emergency town meeting” I said sternly.

The End

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