Chapter 19

I really wasn’t looking forward to school on Monday. I tried to get away with mot going by saying I had a temperature but Steve found out I was lying and he drove me to school in his police car. It was so embarrassing that I hid myself behind a tree until Lily came.

“ It looked like you didn’t get away with the old temperature trick.” Lily sighed

“I almost did but Steve tickled me on the feet” I said.

Chad was coming towards me. I had to act fast.

“Lily we have to hand in our History essay now!” I said and dragged her quickly past Chad. Chad looked really confused.

He had eight stitches on his head from a gash he got from the rock he hit. I overheard Jack say in Chemistry. I spent the whole day dodging him but I could see that he was getting really confused and agitated from it. I couldn’t keep up with this the whole day. I felt so horrible. Then at the end of school he burst.

“Faith I have been trying to talk to you all day and all you have been doing is dodging me. You even jumped in a bushed what’s wrong?” He asked.

His eyes were so intimidating. I was getting all hot and bothered. I can’t believe I am actually saying this but Britney saved my life. She was talking to him as he turned around I quickly legged it for the door into the music school and hid. When the coast was clear I came out and went to the front of the school to wait for Lily. She was taking ages. When she finally came we walked home. Halfway in our journey I knew something was wrong she was really quiet. Something was wrong.

“What’s wrong Lily you are really quiet? This isn’t like you. What’s up you know you can tell me.” I said.

“You promise you wont get angry” She said quietly.

“Promise.” I put my hand on my heart.

“Well I told Chad why you weren’t talking to him.” She said quickly.

“Oh is that it then. That OK I really want you to tell you to tell him anyway.” I said as we walked.

“So you wont mind if I said I accidently told him about your powers then” Lily carried on walking without realizing that I had stopped in my tracks.

“Lily you did what!” I shouted at her.

“ It was an accident I didn’t mean to say it kind of came out of my mouth, but he guessed half of it already. Are you angry at me?” Tears were welling up in her eyes.

“Honestly a bit but I suppose you did the right thing.” I hugged her.

 When I got home Steve had made curry that had stank up the entire house. Mum was doing some overtime at work so he made dinner. It was tasty but had a very strong smell. I opened the window in my room to get some air into my room from the smell of the curry. While I was doing my math’s equations something hit me on the head. It was a note. It said meet me at the park at ten sharp. I got a bit scared but it seemed urgent. I packed my mini bag just in case. I also took Steve’s pepper spray. I hid the bag under my bed. I went to bed really early. When mum came to check on me I pretended to be fast asleep. She fell for it. I waited a couple of minutes till the house was silent. I grabbed my trainers K and the bag and climbed out of the window and down the wall. When I got far away from the house. I hopped on K and went to the park. K started to play some James bond music. It made me smile. When I got to the park I held k close to my chest. I walked around the park but no one was there. I turned around to go home. When something grabbed me by the mouth to cover me from screaming. I panicked and hit it in the groin. When I turned around the person was rolling on the floor. I pulled the scarf from its face and to my horror it was Chad.

“OMG I am so sorry” I whispered

When he recovered we sat on the bench and talked.

“I hope you are not angry at Lily for telling me” Chad said as I shocked my head. “I was really gutted when you threw yourself in the bush to hide from me.” He laughed

I was really embarrassed when he said it.

“So is it true you have powers then? Can you show me what you can do please?”

I got up and walked towards a puddle. I lifted it up with my hand and started to juggle with it then flung it at the tree. Chad was stunned.

“Wow that amazing. I am glad that no one is hunting you down for it.” He said.

“Actually there is his name is Darious and on March the thirteenth he will rise to come and try to take over the world. The worst thing is that it’s in two weeks,” I said looking at my watch.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Chad asked.

“I need to go back to Downback cove there was something intriguing about that place. Lily Steve and I were going to investigate on Saturday,” I said.

“Cool then that a date. I mean I will see you then” he said quickly

I just smiled as he blushed. Before we left to go our separate ways. He turned around I gave him a hug and turned invisible as I got on K. I managed to get into my bedroom with out getting detected. Mission sneaking out accomplished. Mission Downback Cove waits.


The End

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